A beautiful moment without evidence

Ever saw something so lovely, you were compelled to take a pic of it to share the moment others? If you’re a fan of Instagram like me – well, yeah! There’s just something about photos…they’re almost like visual holograms where the viewer can experience a similar emotion as the firsthand witness of whatever’s in the pic. Well, here’s what I saw in the garden early this morning.

As I walked along the grass in my favourite slippers to pitter-patter around the yard while hanging out clothes and picking flowers (they’re all white and have cloth-shaped flowers along the wishbone part, by the way), I heard a familiar and distinct trill of a hummingbird. Sweet and serene, but not a new thing – yet. Still appreciating the encounter that was about to take place, I paused, waited, and watched.

In seconds, a baby hummingbird made its way a few yards in front of me, dancing around a tree. Moments after, a second hummingbird, the same tiny size, joined the first one. It may be a yawn-able moment to some, yet to others who appreciate precious moments in creation, it brought an instant soft smile to my face and caused me to inhale the fresh air with more gratitude and purpose. Some people have never seen a hummingbird in real life. When I was living in the countryside, there were a few hummingbirds who often visited the garden, and even flew into the house…but I’d never seen two together – so tiny – traveling – and not sparring over whose nest was whose. They’re not the most social of birds and are quite territorial, so it was so sweet to see this kind of playfulness. Maybe it was their first official flying assignment. Another smile and a whispered “thank You” for the ears to hear them and eyes to see.

A fraction of a second later, another hummingbird – same size – joined the flying festival, and I watched as the three literally-little birds navigated shrubbery like super-skilled ZR drivers and glided through trees in a perfectly synchronized congaline, at their signature speed while chirping their original soprano song.

No iPhone or camera on me to take a pic 

No time to run inside the house to get one and still see them

No evidence…just a memory…of a beautiful moment in creation when I witnessed a new thing

The fact that there’s no visible evidence doesn’t take away from the serenity of the moment. That revelation made me smile. It’s easy to get caught up in taking pics to convince or impress and invite some ‘oooohs,’  ‘ahhhhs‘ n’ ‘likes’, but how absolutely dull it would be to miss the opportunity to take a deep breath and appreciate moments like these.

This morning was a reminder to me, to encourage you to rest for a bit amidst it all, and realize that some precious moments are gift-wrapped just for you.

If you’re yet to see a hummingbird or hear its high-pitched tweet, I hope this post inspires you to breathe, wait, watch, and believe that there are beautiful moments in creation designed, assigned, and perfectly-aligned for your eyes and heart only.

Can you relate? Maybe you’ve already enjoyed a few sweet surprises in nature already? Inspired to share? I’d love to hear..



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