Help is on the way: a heavenly reminder from an earthly encounter

It was just before midday, on the way to the shop nearby, I heard a sound of a little someone in need – it was one of the same tiny adventurous dogs who were found by their loving owner just 9 days ago. At first I didn’t recognize that it was the little purse-sized puppy princess, but her lovable nature sprang forth a few minutes after. She was puffing and panting…sitting on the grass patch by the roundabout fairly close to the shop – so thirsty and literally gasping for air in the humid heat of the day due to the weather on the way.

On impulse, as I reached beside where the tiny dog sat I asked, “awww…ya thirsty, girl?

Naturally, she didn’t reply – just sat there puffing and panting, obviously exhausted. What in the world was this? I started a brisk walk to the shop to get some water for her, and looked back to make sure she didn’t pounce into the road by the roundabout that’s fairly close to a hill – cars from that direction tended to roll forward with momentum.

At that moment, she seemed to make the decision to roll with me, and sprung forward. I noticed a small but evident new limp on the raised left back leg, fought back some tears for her and focused on Mission H20.

Yet again, I rolled up there with a little furry friend and in a few minutes, was thanking the kind and accommodating owner who swiftly brought a cup full of water. She drank 2 and 1/2 cups full and cooled out by my feet, giving a little smooch to my toes every now and then. Soooo cute. Two customers noted how thirsty she was, and teasingly asked if I’d do the same for people in need saying that a certain ‘race’ of people like to help animals over people. You’ve probably heard this song before.

It’s not my business to try to prove kindness, ’cause I believe all genuine kindness is God-prompted ultimately, so no one can lay claim to it springing from them – including moi. Ever had those days when you did something perceived as kind, after a long sigh or impatient gesture? Mmm mm. Plus, they brought up an interesting point – some of us can be gems to animals and gremlins to other people. After all, we humans can be a real handful.

Pint-sized pup and I headed back to my street where her owner also lives. The woman was so relieved at finding her dogs last time that she hadn’t mentioned exactly which house she lived at, in case something like this happened again. Still, she’d gone on a solo search mission the time before and was likely to do this same this toss.

A neighbour showed me where they thought the house was, but no one answered the door though at one point the wife called for her husband to please go answer it. That didn’t happen but just as pup and I were heading to my front yard outside the gate for a water top-up and puppy chow munch (in case she was hungry), guess who pops up – the other dog (from last time) coming from the other direction. The two greeted each other happily, had a mini play date with my two jack russells through the gate for a bit – to give their human caregivers time to come out and get them, and that was that.

So now the lesson take-away for me, and hopefully for you too:

the tiny tan dog was parched and exhausted on the grass at a fairly risky spot at scorching midday – separated from her favourite sidekick, slightly (not seriously) injured and a bit disoriented – enough to not be in the safety of their home. But someone saw, water was given by someone else who cared, their friend eventually found them, and home was on the way though it may have felt a million miles away.

If you’re growing through a tough time, or feel alone – maybe there are areas of your life that are parched and you feel like no one notices or cares, or is willing to lend a helping hand…perhaps it seems that relief and restoration are a million moons away…know that that’s not true. Believe it…and receive it. You DO matter. Help and refreshment are on the way and available to you. Matter of fact, help is always there – Psalm 121:2-4 

The little dog wasn’t ‘popping styles’ – if she were, no one would’ve recognized the hope for assistance and stepped in to offer a solution. I’m soooo thankful for the times when others have reached out and showed kindness to me in past times of drought, and even when on a challenging day, a promise tucked in a verse pings in on my phone right on time.

And yes, many times we do miss the cues others send. It could be that we’ve stepped in before and think “well, that’s that – I’m out!” or maybe aren’t in the mood to lend an ear or do a deed – sometimes it’s just not our assignment – but God – knows our every need (the first and ultimate being Him)…all our help comes through Him through many streamsHe sometimes sends others we may not even know to reach out and share the sweet essence of His compassion and kindness…and that never runs out, grows weary or gives up on us.

It is a forever fountain that springs from an unfailing love. That same love - He has for you.

Signed, an imperfect daughter of a perfect Heavenly Father

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