A conversation on Grace – The Gift and Walk {video interview}

One of the beautiful things about grace is that it is an amazing heavenly gift we receive, and a gift that’s to be included in our walk right here on earth. Every day, when I contemplate or am reminded of undeserved gift of grace – it astounds me – so much so, that I was compelled to ask two well-seasoned believers to expand on the essence of this gift and the call-to-action that springs forth from it.

The feature guests in this video-post share from a male and female perspective and lemme tell ya – this is deep y’all – rich with inspiration, and infused with compassion and integrity.

HFS Culture for Christ recently touched down in Barbados and held a series of enlightening events for the youth. I had a chance to sit with a guest of “Celebrate A Sister” series, an HFS Elevate ambassador Joanne, and TyKing in the lovely lobby of Barbados Beach Club Hotel

Prep a hot drink, pull up a chair, grab a pen and journal, and join in the conversation about grace.

Some power points:


“You naturally wanna find grace…but giving it is a little more difficult…we’re all kind of looking for people to be kind to us – we’re looking for people to be accepting and caring…but really and truly what God is asking us to do is be those grace-agents to other people…and finding a way to love first…

It’s your grace; it’s your beauty and you have to wear it well. You get up to love on people, starting with loving on your God.”


Ty King

“One re-occurring theme is men understanding that grace is available…a man is not told to cry, or a man is not told to talk about some of the things that they struggle with – they wanna keep those things inside internally and not share it with others, and in that sense it’s like having a car with a broken engine…and the car looks good on the outside yet it’s broken but you don’t wanna tell anybody that you need a mechanic or you don’t wanna ask anybody what’s the best mechanic to go to…

I believe that God is calling us to be in a place where we can come to Him exposing our weaknesses – say – ‘these are my shortcomings’ and God’s saying I have enough grace to support you in your shortcomings, but also to make you stronger.”

Special thanks to Tonya from front the the hotel‘s front desk team, for graciously welcoming us to their beautiful space.

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