7 Artist Health & Wellness Tips

Hey creative people,

it’s no secret that when you love what you do you may have the tendency to delve head-first into your work (mostly ’cause it may not feel like work), but very often, we can forget to take care of our health. Ideally, we’d love to be in a position to continue doing what we love (as in – how we’re called to shine and serve) – in a sustainable way…one where we’re refreshed along the journey and making sure to invite wellness into the daily conversation.

I recorded a new podcast episode for you, sharing 7 Artist Health & Wellness Tips.

Click to listen

The episode above goes more into depth on the 7 points, but here are some bite-size nuggets from the first 3:

  1. Breathe (studies show that on average, healthy adults take 12-16 breaths per minute.) Obviously variables like a person’s fitness regime and respiratory condition come into play, but whatever the pace, the gift is the same – breath. The act of breathing is essential to life, and when we consider where we’re breathing from (in this case, let’s focus on the diaphragm), the quality of air we’re taking in, and the thoughts we’re thinking/ingesting as we breathe, the importance of this exercise (we often take for granted) is magnified. On that note, make a point to monitor your breathing at intervals during the day, slowing inhaling affirmations of truth and exhaling negative thoughts. Please remember, this isn’t an exam – it’s an invitation to fully experience a healthy rhythm of breathing with a grateful heart.
  2. WaterWhether you pump up the volume and drink 6 or 8 glasses – even a gallon a of H20 a day, do your best to ensure it’s room temperature or a combo of 1/2 tap – 1/2 chilled to start with. Drinking ice cold water can mess with digestion and it shocks and ceases-up the vocals. First let me say I’m no expert in the daily water dosage department, but thankfully since agua and I have become almost exclusive beverage friends (except for tea, coffee, occasional health shakes and a seasonal malt for a few years now), it’s fair to say that I can definitely see and feel the fabulous effects of a high water intake. Find yourself about to complain about the heat of the day? Drink water. A little lethargic in the afternoon? Drink water. Have a break between sessions? Drink some water. Try to make it a natural part of your day. Clean water is a privilege that so many in this world do not yet have.
  3. Posture. For authors, bloggers, producers, editors, and engineers whose job entails a lot of sitting for long intervals, every now and then throughout the day, take a moment – do a body scan and re-align. Lift the shoulders up (on the inhale), roll them back (exhale), scrunch them forward and curl your back like a ‘C’ (inhale), and as you exhale, straighten up and align to neutral. 3 shoulder-circles backward – 3 shoulder circles forward. Takes like 2 minutes, and this can help refresh your mind as well as reveal and somewhat relieve any building tension in the shoulders, spine or neck. Pacing this next motion with your breathing, inhale…tilt your head to the right shoulder…exhale…now inhale…lift head passing through neutral and tilt to the left shoulder…exhale…then 3 slow pronounced circles in each direction…and set at neutral. I believe we all have a default side (whether right/left handed or ambidextrous), so if you’re a singer or visual artist who’s often on your feet (in the booth or at your easel) standing in tripod-position, some slow and steady squats can ease your knees and re-set your back, as well as doing a few side-torso-twists with relaxed open arms.

In the podcast episode, I highlight 4 more Artist Health & Wellness Tips, so feel free to listen and share the link with your creative peeps. We’re all here to encourage one another.

If your voice is key in your career, whether you’re a singer, speaker, vlogger, dj, coach, or podcaster, I’d love to send you a digital gift written especially for you. It’s called “Vocal-CARE 101″ – an easy to read eBook designed to help you nurture your voice, overcome congestion, and breathe better using plant-based solutions – from various herbal teas and fruits to certified therapeutic pure grade essential oils. There are also some warm-up exercises included.

To get your FREE e-copy sent to your inbox, comment using the form coming right up, to let me know you’d like the “Vocal-CARE 101” eBook, and it’ll reach you within 24hrs as a .PDF

Have a beautiful rest of the day, and a wonderful week.

Ciao for now!

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