Purpose in the present and meaning in the minuscule

Hiya, something small and interesting happened today in the yard. (I call it a yard because it’s now on the way to becoming a garden.)

The day started light and sweet, with an early morning rise for thanksgiving and a brisk walk of a few thousand steps around the neighbourhood up and down a hill and around the area.

From midday to early afternoon, it was a couple hours of intense pulling of weeds and clipping hedges in the sunlight. After the recent storm that came with a massive amount of rain, the earth is fresh and grass and plants 🌱 all around are a bit overgrown.


At one point, when a meeting got cancelled, I took a breather to check on the little birds that recently hatched while tucked away in the nest perched on a branch of the lime tree.

One of the little birds was just outside the nest, but one of his teeny legs was trapped in a twirly bramble and some thin thready-looking material. Its tiny chest was puffing so fast, and it kept tugging, trying to fly. Thankfully, it didn’t seem to panic though I was really close trying to get a clear view.

Anyways, ran for the scissors and gently cut the bramble and thread his leg was tangled in, and the l’il birdie hopped a bit further along the branch and just rested.

In a minute or two, it was chirping for food and I went inside so the mama bird could return to her little one.

Sometimes one of the highlights in a day can be something as minuscule as being present. It was laundry day and a few other tasks were on the day’s schedule but I’m grateful for that one small moment that wasn’t planned by me, but required me to be present and positioned to see a need.

Was my entire day easy-breezy and without a care or blip? Nope. Still, I’m grateful for a seemingly minuscule moment that serves as a reminder to be present.

Have a bright rest of the week, y’all.

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3 thoughts on “Purpose in the present and meaning in the minuscule

    1. When I count my blessings, you are surely one dear sister. Growing daily by grace and still very much a work in progress. You are a bright light!!

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