Adding joy to business and cheerfulness to service

Starting and maintaining a business comes with muscle-building moments, and requires vision, effort, endurance, structure, and a solution-oriented approach.

It may not be highlighted as an ingredient in the mix, but joy is a key component to longevity in business and our attitude to service. I’m not talking about a bubble-gum kind of joy that expires with a few good chews, but more a joy that brings a refreshment with refinement and springs forth from a focus on the purpose of the journey you’re either preparing for, or already on.

Ever pushed yourself (or been pushed) so hard while working on a project or in business, that all the joy was sucked out of the whole experience? If so, I can relate…and you’re right – it’s zero fun and can actually feel like a physical weight’s on your chest snuffing the stuffin’ out of ya. Not that everything has to be bouncy-bouncy-who’s-got-confetti – after all, pressure has its place in revealing our character and building endurance. Churning out energy without pressing pause to replenish in order to approach the tasks at hand refreshed and vibrant, can be a flag that prompt us to take a deep breath to get a new perspective, re-design and re-align.

And so, yesjoy in business fueled by awareness of purpose in how and whom we serve.

It may be time for refreshment:

  • if you’re feeling impatient or irritable in your business lately
  • if you ‘forget’ or omit time to take care of yourself in the process
  • if you’ve got more that one client playing on your nerves like a rock guitar
  • if, when tasks need to get done, you find yourself side-stepping them like they’re a colony of slugs

There will of course be seasons of trials and dips in energy, still as an entrepreneur you’re in a position to envision and design the business of your choice/gifting, set the services, products, work space and task-tempo that aligns with the healthiest you, and identify whom and how you’re called to serve, remembering why all the way.

That why will help bring clarity when tough times come.

When one of my closest friends lost her life through horrible circumstances a few years ago, I nearrrrly lost all enthusiasm – for anything really. But God. I’d been through some heartbreaking and muscle-building moments before, but that one left me winded and wounded for a bit…then eventually I realized that being grateful for the blessing of knowing her and being thankful for the breath I still have, was a necessary step forward. Even beyond that, as a believer, joy is rooted in the Lord – that way it’s everlasting, without an expiration date and not influenced by the mood of the moment…it’s forever woven in heaven and not in earthly desires or treasures.

Joy and Strength go hand in hand.

I’m no poster-girl for perfection (more like a work-in-progress) – yet am certain there’s a purpose for our lives, that’s way beyond me or you.

Yes, our social media platforms, swanky sites, and fabulous fan pages suggest we’re always on point and ‘all that an’ a bag o’ chips‘ but it’s no new news that many of our daily posts tend to be prettier and more polished than the ins and outs of our daily lives. Not every day comes with sunshine-smiles and LOL moments…sometimes it’s a quiet joy that resonates throughout your day, at times it’s comfort standing on perfect Promises…some days you may eek out a whisper of gratitude or just feel able to squeeeeze a few drops of sweetness from the lemons coming your way.

Whatever the season or temperature of the day, let’s remember that gratitude goes along way, and focusing on the bright side is like a breath of fresh air for the mind. Your life has meaning and your business has a purpose. If the joy-factor is dwindling, pause for a cause to breathe for clarity, then tweak, de-clutter, re-design and celebrate it with your clients, customers, and community.

Whatever the nature of your business, nourish your journey with joy.

I’d love to hear how you fill up and pour joy into your life’s work and walk. Your words may encourage someone else who reads this post, so please free to share in the comment section below.

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