3 Tips to Working effectively from Home

A peacefully productive lifestyle, working from home.

Whatever the nature of your business, working from home involves a particular mindset and dynamic. Though a home (ideally) serves as a beautiful cosy space you enjoy, including a business element requires a tweak to the overall structure of your day, a set design, and the efficient assignment of time to specific activities.

3 tips to help you design and refresh your approach to a work-from-home lifestyle, with peace and productivity in mind.

  1. create a clean space (in your home, as well as the portion of it that you dedicate to your business.) Keep it free of clutter, and conducive to creativity. Feeling frazzled is no fun, and stress is a global factor so create an ambience of wellness in your overall space, and one of inspiration and concentration in your work zone. A designated space where you can focus on the tasks at hand, and have in-person or online appointments with little disturbance helps you to remain clear about the matters of the moment. Whether that workspace is in a corner of a room or allocated to a spot in or outdoors, consider things like (a) lighting (b) your posture when working for a chunk of hours at a time (c) ventilation (d) elbow room (e) breathing space.
Choose clarity over clutter

2. set your tempo. Time is a peculiar thing; it can often seem to either crawl, skip, or zip by, depending on how we use it and how we approach it. Still, don’t let time control you. Identify what your most productive pocket of time is. Are you most vibrant and focused early in the morning or in the afternoon? Is your primary clientele in a different time zone, and is that something you can consider when (a) setting your schedule (b) growing your team (c) automating your business?

Assign healthy parameters so you can live and work well and be peacefully productive.

Though time always passes yet is not guaranteed to all of us in the same dosage, it’s an intangible structure set in place for us to make use of while aligning activities and setting markers. We can do our best to manage the time granted to us by being proactive about setting aside time to focus on home duties and work responsibilities. As a work-from-home entrepreneur, especially in the early stages of business, time management is key. Remember, your health matters beyond business, so design your enterprise to the tempo that facilitates the ideal lifestyle that harmonizes with the healthiest you.

What does your ideal day look like?

3. define healthy boundaries. This is probably one of the most awkward but necessary areas to address and outline early on. If you’re someone who’s on the social side and are used to meeting up for weekly midday lunch with your besties who happen to be employees and not entrepreneurs (that’s no big deal; they’re still your fabulous peeps) you may find yourself at a point where you consider if or how that can affect your business. You might even be prompted to design your schedule so it accommodates some of those lunches instead of all, so you maintain vibrant relationships and have conversations on different topics, and create more memories with your peeps. It’s up to you!

Start by being considerate about your employee-friends daytime availability due to their jobs, and invite them to support you in your business too. You may be setting an example for a friend who’s also thinking of launching her own enterprise.

If you find it challenging treating your business like a business, others will follow your lead and do the same.

What does that look like? A few ideas:

  • Set and follow a morning regime that helps you get clear perspective on your life
  • Define a specific time when you do home activities, and another for business tasks
  • Design your external accessibility schedule and recommended means of contact (for clients/customers/amigas)
  • have shorter phone/online conversations without compromising quality of interactions
  • let your close loved ones know they can call you anytime in case of emergency or crises 

Remember how your business adds value and offers service – write or type them out.

As an entrepreneur, you are the leader of your business. To release the reins is to allow yourself to be flopped around and led astray by the circumstances, terrain and variables of any given day. I recall what that’s like and recommend a better, more proactive approach. Set a structure that works for you and encourages you to serve your clients and customers well – one that complements your home life and frees up time for you to be fully present when compelled or needed.

Already have an effective work-from-home lifestyle, and have a slice of good advice to share? Someone reading this post may benefit from your insight too so feel free to share in the comments.

However you approach running a business or offering a service from your home, remember to design the setting, structure and schedule that best aligns with the healthiest you.


3 Tips to Work effectively from Home by: Indra was first published on 'Joywithin' blog
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