Gratitude prompt: filling your tank with Thankfulness

There’s a teeny handwritten version of these words perched on a l’il ledge in the kitchen.


I wrote them as a reminder to give thanks in all things, and ‘just fuh so,‘ and also to reveal whatever I might’ve been thinking or feeling just before seeing the card.

It says “Think of 3 Things To Be Thankful For” – then gives a 3 second prompt to get started. Purposely didn’t tape or frame it (just leaned it against the wall), so every now and then the card drops whether I’m in the kitchen cooking, getting somethin’ from the fridge, or zipping by…and every time its message is right on time. The words nudge me to first slow down…and take a breath – then find at least 3 things (on the spot…in less than 10 seconds) to be thankful for….even if that looks like:

Thank You for:

1) this glass of clean water

2) the fact that I’m breathing

3) elbows and knees that respond

img_5470and the magnificent sky (created with heavenly Hands) I saw on the way home…and a safe journey today…AND… pleasant customer service today at SurePay…and the lush green from recent rain…

Most days, the list goes on and on – 3 is just a starting number, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Amidst it all, there are soooo many things to give God thanks for – Him, above all…fresh air, a new day, sunrise, sunset, strength throughout a tough season, your family, that thesis you finally completed, a shelter, grace, loyal friends, teachers, a neck, the muscles in your face, food, the ability to chew, challenges, forgiveness, the beautiful view you saw today, the fact that you’ve still got a sound mind, a recent holiday…feel free to chime in anytime!

Is that easy?” someone asked recently.

What’s that?” I asked.


Not like I know; still working on it. For me – not always…but it’s essential, and with intention, effort and practice, it becomes the native language of a heart that’s under construction and in the power-wash process. Some days, the gratitude list flows like a river… sometimes it’s one thing with each breath, and in some seasons it may eek out like a few drops of essential oil from a massive tree…but let it flow, and let it grow.

If you’re anything like me, you know what it’s like to be ungrateful. Some days I take a step back and am a bit stunned by how whiney or pouty I’ve either been at points along the way, or how that tendency can sneak up on you if you’re not intentional about living thankful.

Being grateful is not a one-time assignment or task-item to place a check mark beside; it’s a daily journey.


Think about someone you know or would like to meet who exudes thankfulness, even in the face of trying circumstances and muscle-building moments. There’s just something magnetic and encouraging about that person. I know someone’s mum who is one bubbling pot of joy no matter what season she’s in. She’s a wife, mother, nurse, and grandmother. Not that she doesn’t face challenges from time to time, but she’s made the choice to give thanks – first to the Creator, and through that key 🔑 love connection, a thankfulness springs forth and resonates through her words, smile, deeds, and around her immediate circle. I admire that.

Gratitude is a good fruit that can grow and flourish in the garden of our mind and heart.

Sooooo, on that note are you into gratitude journaling, and…what are 3 things you’re thankful for right now? (Memba in less than 10 seconds…starting riiiiight – now…)

“Gratitude prompt: filling your tank with Thankfulness” – by: Indra

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