What’s new & what’s on the horizon for ‘Joy within” blog

Hiya, ok this is a quick one to share an update about what’s up, and what’s on the way. 

It means a lot that you’ve taken the time to subscribe, visit, read, share, and encourage so it’s important to me that you have an idea of where and how this journey’s blossoming.

So, without further ado, here’s…

What's new on Joy within:
  • The podcast – I started an Anchor channel (fabulous free app) and some of the more recent blog posts have an active link included so you can hear the fruit of the message (& more) without having to read the full blog post, if you’re on the move. “Joywithin” is available on iTunes, Google, Spotify and more, so Anchor is a pretty cool sonic springboard. snapseed-2If you’re interested in starting your own podcast, I recommend this app – it’s user-friendly, and even has a little library of themed background music to enhance your podcast. You can use it on your phone or from your laptop, either recording into your phone or through your built-in audio, or even upload pre-recorded audio files. When you subscribe to my channel you’ll get firsthand updates on new episodes, or of course you can simply stay tuned here on the blog, and visit the Podcast page whenever you like. Oh, and if there’s a particular related topic you’d like to hear about, please feel free to share in the comment section.
  • The “Celebrate A Sister” series has been growing sweetly, and a new guest is scheduled to join us this month! That’s always fun! We’ve already prepped the outline, so now it’s up to B” to shape and send her message of entrepreneurial insight, expertise, and encouragement. In case you missed any of the features/guest posts, be sure to have a read or listen. When you visit the “Celebrate” page, scroll down a bit to see a list and start with the posts that resonate with you the most, then grow from there.
  • Did some re-decorating on the kitchen page for ya. I considered taking down the cooking page and just sharing recipes in individual posts, but since the feedback from the food posts is pretty decent and consistently so, I’ve refreshed the kitchen page where you can find food pics and a list of the recipes you’ve been clicking like and sharing love on. Thanks for that. I’m no pro chef, but sure do love some cosy kitchen time. {To visit and get some recipes, click on “Quiet Time” in the menu, and it’ll show up in the drop down menu.)
  • And yes – there’s a new template in town so the refreshed decor of the blog is a lot lighter and ‘easy on the eyes.’
What's on the horizon for Joy within:
  • It’s upgrade time! (Woohoo!) Time to take this up a level! Ok so, as you see in the url the ‘.wordpress.com’ trailer to the blog title. I use WordPress for this blog (free plan), and my coaching/publishing business (paid plan) – LOVE IT – and am grateful for both formats, however 5 and some years after starting this blog, it’s about time Joy within has its own domain name. No diss to the .wordpress tag at all, but it’s time to grow in that area. You’ll see a pre-post before the domain is officially activated (this month) – still, make sure you’re already following so it’s a seamless step-up as you’ll already be receiving new post updates in your inbox.

Untitled design (3)This whole blogging-thing started as a hobby for me (as the offspring to my love for writing) which I mentioned a few posts before this, but lemme tell ya – I take this seriously – “like it’s mah job” – researching, post preppin’ -pic taking/editing, mapping, writing, typing, scheduling, guest inviting, post proof-reading, feature-photo basic graphic designing, site visiting, podcast recording, mo’ editing, then promoting…you get the essence of it. If you’re a blogger – you already know the rhythm of things…and y’know what –

I enjoy every minute of it – and intend to give it my very best – while bringing some like-minded, differently-skilled talent on board and planning some creative related events. Stay tuned for more on that, ’cause it would be great to see you there for those too.

  • As much as writing is sooo fun, I’ll be speaking at HoneyJam’s FREE Songwriting Workshop, at Santosha in Barbados on Sunday October 28th, from 10am. HoneyJam is an artist showcase opportunity and series of events (held in Toronto and Barbados) for female vocalists, and the musical movement also offers workshops along the way. This is the 3rd time I’ve participated as a panelist, and it’s always a beautiful experience getting to meet aspiring Songwriters and share insight and resources.

To register, e-mail to honeyjambarbados@gmail.com and they’ll confirm your spot once there’s room available. Limited seating so sign up asap. I’d love to see you there, and will be leading the first segment of the workshop so be sure to be there on time for 10am. Bring your journal or typing thingie for note-taking, and let’s get started. {1 workshop participant will receive a 15% discount on my online course: “The 7 Rs of Reaping Through Your songWriting“}

Thanks for joining the joy journey, and have a bright and beautiful rest of the week, pleasant people. 

Have a topic idea – question about the upcoming songwriting workshop or online course?

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