Artist Health Tips – Wellness & Work {video}

For many of us, pacing and aligning work with wellness can be a real challenge – especially when you love what you do, because much of the time, it doesn’t necessarily feel like work, though it still takes time and requires energy.

Today’s video post shares a few refreshment activities to assign to 3 portions of the day:

  • morning
  • noon
  • evening


In order to keep pouring out creativity, we need to fill up and be refreshed.

Creativity doesn’t spring from us inherently; it’s gifted to us.

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Vocal-CARE Tips for Speakers, Djs & Vocalists (PART II)

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Hi there, I'm indra Denys (dih-nees), writing you from Barbados. Here you’ll find encouragement, career tips for creative freelancers and refreshment reminders for women who are ready to shape a thriving business that aligns with their wellness. I'm a new creation, singer-songwriter, content producer and publishing entrepreneur who's travelled to 20 destinations so far, and is now working-from-home. Balancing housework with business tasks is an interesting change of tempo I'm dancing to. On a quest to grow more grateful each day. As a teen I almost gave up on life; now as a woman saved by grace, I'm living joyfully with purpose, encouraging others to enjoy moments of refreshment daily while nurturing your gifts and growing your business. Have you seen the Freelancer WorkWeek videos yet? Be sure to check them out for biz tips and beautiful views of Barbados. Thanks for joining the journey, and remember to follow 'Joy within' blog for firsthand updates on new posts, podcast episodes, events and giveaways coming up.

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