Biz Tip for Indie Artists & Musicians – What’s An Artist Rider Agreement? {video}

Hi there, let’s get straight to the video, shall we?

In about 11hrs, I’m scheduled to speak on a panel for HoneyJam Barbados’ SongWriting Workshop, at Santosha, so it’s time for some zzzs.

Today’s video post shares on a key piece of documentation that can make the backstage and onstage journey much lighter, for Artists, Speakers, and Band Musicians.


Have you ever been backstage at an event that you’re gonna be onstage for, and showed up 1-2 hours before (at ‘call time’) only to find there was: no water, chairs or cups in the tent or band room?

An Artist Rider is an agreement between an event promoter and artist, speaker, dj, or band.

It lists the requirements and requests by the person or group being booked. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a formal document; a comprehensive e-mail (with clear confirmation) can work just as well too. Your rider notes things like:

  • specific refreshments – mention any dietary specifications / allergies
  • stage plan (tech requirements)
  • parking area / clearance protocol
  • # of guest passes
  • means of transportation
  • pre-promotional parameters 
  • your fee (with method and timeline of payment)

Those are some of the things to consider when outlining your Artist Rider, in preparation for the stage. If you’ve already gone one, have a read through and make sure all the tech/dietary/transport/guest list info is up to date.

Have more insight to share on this one? Feel free to leave a comment. I enjoy learning ways to be and do better in life and business.

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