When Creative Workshops Get It WRITE {video}

Hi there pleasant people,

hope your week started on a bright note, and you and yours are safe and sound. How was your weekend?

Today’s topiccreative workshops

Working online has many benefits, but there’s something unique that happens at events that bring people together in-person, for a shared purpose.

Saturdays are quiet (on purpose) for me, but this Sunday was a time to speak for HoneyJam Barbados‘ Songwriting workshop, at Santosha.

What’s HoneyJam

HoneyJam Barbados is an artist development program that offers showcase opportunities specifically for female talent. Originally a Toronto-based production, conceptualized and managed by creative entrepreneur, Ebonnie Rowe, its sister showcase has been in motion in Barbados for 10 years so far and growing in popularity.

The workshop

This is the second time I’ve been invited a panelist for what is a stepping stone session for artists who attend. It was a fabulous morning and the participants asked some great questions about songWriting life (journey, challenges, highlights) and shared some of their musical goals.

Photo (c) A3KD for HoneyJam Barbados

The panelists, Adaeze – Songwriter /Music Producer/Artist / “Women In Music” Chapter Chair & workshop moderator, Barry ‘Bar Man” Hill – music producer, musician (Cover Drive band), JJ Poulter Songwriter/Producer (1/2 of Kite band) and Singer/Songwriter/Musician, Debbie Reifer and I shared on:

– song composition styles
– song splits & registrations
– co-writing
– demo recording

– staying joyful and creative

The setting
hills and the ocean in the distance, and lots of serenity spots

The scenery around Santosha was serene and lush. It’s a quiet accommodation spot on the east coast of ‘Bim,’ tucked away in between ‘nuff trees, and the front of the property faces a small cluster of the hills in the distance. Just beyond those green hills is the vibrant Atlantic Ocean – a popular spot for surfers worldwide. Ever heard of “Soup Bowl?”

Lunch was delicious (and yes, snacks, fresh juices & chocolate cupcakes were also present), the questions and positive feedback continuous, and the vibe overall – bright and productive!

Ebonnie and the HoneyJam team manage to get the prep-steps for hosting creative events ‘spot-on’ every time, when it comes to backstage amenities. Props to them for that!

The morning workshop went really well, and the rest of the day was brilliant in a different way for me, with an evening service at church, and a light, quiet night at home.

Your insight, please

I’m planning a workshop for enterprising women here in Barbados this November, and would love your insight into something, to help me plan and serve better.

What’s the most recent workshop, seminar or conference you’ve been to, and what was your favourite thing about the experience/event?

• the keynote speeches

• networking opportunities

• the gift bags

• the educational aspect

• growing in a group setting

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