Greeting The Day Early ~ Finding Refreshment in the Morning {video}

Hey there, do you have a set portion of the day that you feel more peaceful? Each day is a gift, still there’s something about mornings that I really enjoy. How we greet the day can influence our approach to the rest of the day.

Ever heard someone say they don’t enough hours in the day to do this or that? Ever thought or said it yourself? No judgement from here; just encouragement. Though the contents of our lives vary, we all have the same 24 hours. An early morning start can create more breathing room in the day, even if doing so means you take a 15 minutes siesta in the afternoon. It’s not about trying to full up the 24hrs, but more in tuning into the refreshment that’s present in the morning, to pace and use energy well throughout the course of the day. Here’s a video post that shares some highlights about waking up early in the morning.

Benefits like: fresh air, beautiful nature views, quiet time for healthier-paced thoughts, birdsongs, time to exercise before the body gets too heavy with food

There’s really no other part of the day that compares to mornings. They’re the official start of each day. You’ll find that the more you start waking up at a set (earlier) time, even if prompted by an alarm at first, your mind and body will soon take the cue, and wake up minutes before the alarm so you start the day on a quiet, light note.

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Instead of beginning the day feeling sluggish or rushed, you’ll be eager to experience the serenity that’s found in the quiet of mornings and prompted to give thanks for the gift of a new day. This time helps us to better face whatever the day brings, having already enjoyed a pocket of uninterrupted peace for deep breaths, clear thoughts, and light tasks.

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