Navigating Social Media…when you’re kinda social, but really not THAT social {encouragement}

Do you ever find it challenging to take a step and reach out to people you’re following on social media?

Struggling with online ‘stage-fright?’

Let’s look at this whole social media thing in a refreshing light.

The word “social” is actually in the term “social media,” so it pretty much spells out connection, but it doesn’t mean you need to be an extremely outgoing person to reach out to people you tune into online.

If you’re not yet sure how to get beyond that block you might have put in your own way when it comes to starting an online conversation (as we often do) this is an invitation to step forward and reach out to people you admire or tune into on social media.

When we’re genuinely interested in the content we see, read, and listen to on the pages and profiles of the people we subscribe to, follow online or log on for, it makes it much lighter to reach out and engage through a comment, message, or collaboration proposition.

I tip-toed my way onto social media platforms, and have come to really enjoy it, while remembering that this ‘smart-phone’-business can get overwhelming and try to take over real-life connections.

img_6461Today’s podcast post shares encouragement on how you can:

  • overcome nerves
  • be present on social media in a way that aligns with your personality & purpose
  • make the step to connect 

Listen here

Reach out and connect.

Remembering why we’re on social media in the first place – ideally for a specific purpose, whether it’s sharing outdoor adventures, home decor tips, advertising products or posting quotes.

What’s the essence of your message, business, service, or product?

Jot it down or type it out so you can have a little refresher.

What do you admire about the people/businesses you tend to visit most online?

The next time you’re on social media (for a purpose), choose 5 people/business profiles you admire – those who encourage, motivate, or educate you – and reach out – with a purpose…whether that’s through a comment, message, or website visit/product purchase.

If you’re an entrepreneur, innovation is at the very core of what you do and how you serve – so take a deep breath – and make that step – reach out with purpose, and enjoy it.

Have any tips to add when it comes to reaching out and being present on social media? Feel free to share here. Your comment may encourage another reader.

Thanks for reading and listening to today’s episode on Navigating Social Media…when you’re kinda social, but really not THAT social. Ciao for now.

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