Identifying, nurturing, and sharing your gifts – Part II {encouragement}

You are gifted, and there is a purpose for your life.

The other day, I did a facebook live that brought in a lot of comments and messages with requests to expand. The message in it sprung from a series of conversations where some women shared that they weren’t sure if they were, and are gifted.

Yes yes yestheyand you are gifted!

this flower isn’t always in full bloom…sometimes it’s curled up and in a resting state…other times, it endures intense sunshine and rainfall…but when it opens, its brilliance is something to behold. And you are more valuable that any flower.

We all go through seasons of struggles and bouts of near exhausted that can leave us a l’il…winded and sometimes disoriented, but despite and beyond any circumstances we face on our journey, each of us has been granted gifts to nurture and share with others.

Not every gift is designed to lead to a career, and not every gift will compel you to start a social media movement springing from it, but every gift deserves a deed of gratitude by nurturing, sharpening, and applying that gift to your daily walk.

Whether you’re a good listener or have a knack for organisation, a skilled pair of baking, sewing, building or techie hands, an eye for home decor, a musical talent, or a way with words and numbers,

there is something beautiful embedded in the essence of you…

…reminders that you are loved and designed to shine while encouraging and blessing others through the gifts assigned to you.

Do you find yourself looking at others shining and wondering if your own gift set took a permanent holiday? Well, that’s not so.

There’s only one you

Even when we share gifts in common with others we know or meet, your approach will be expressed in a unique way, and even better – very often when you meet people you share a common gifting with and your values align harmoniously, it can be an opportunity for a brilliant collaboration.

If you’re going through a season where you could do with a gentle nudge to remember there’s a light inside of you that shines bright when you step up and take ahold of the gifts given to you, nurture them and pour them out through service…I hope this can encourage you along the way.


Take a moment to list 3 gifts that you recognize have been granted to you; jot them in your journal or type them in the comment section – and most of all, remember, nurture and share them.

Feel free to share this post with someone who could also use a gentle reminder today…

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