Time-Management Tips for today’s creative entrepreneur {PODCAST}

Hey biz boss, speaking of time it’s almost the end of 2018 – wowow, when did that happen?

As many of you are in 20+ different countries around the globe, we’re each experiencing different weather / seasons, and operating on different timelines, yet we’re all assigned the same 24 hours to breathe through and make use of.

Today was intentionally light for me. A few years ago, it would’ve never crossed my mind or seemed within my reach, to create purposeful pockets of elbow room in my life without thinking I ‘should’ be overbooking and exhausting myself yet still chasin’ dollars.

Here’s a new podcast episode (+ a bonus message) that shares some insight and tips on how to design your business so it aligns with your wellness.

By the way, the subject on the bonus episode is “3 Steps To Becoming A Better Listener,” so if that topic resonates with you, you can click the link below and select that portion of the podcast.

Time-Management Tips for today’s creative entrepreneur

Listen to episode HERE

When you love what you do, it often doesn’t feel like work or smell like labour. Because of that it can be tough to carve out time to rest, enjoy with cherished friends and relatives, check out that new store, Farmers’ Market or event you’ve been meaning to go to from ‘evah since‘, or commit to waking up early in the morning to read or get some exercise.

Now, before you start being hard on yourself – a little encouragement.

It may be tough sometimes, but…

Your destiny isn’t influenced by time (or money, for that matter)

– why should your business be held ransom to it? No sah! With the portion of it that we can assign (’cause ultimately we’re not in control of time) we can prioritize and assign time to complete the various tasks set before us, making sure to include joy, wellness, and moments for meaningful real life connections.

it IS possible to accomplish tasks to a danceable tempo.

Remember – you run your business, not the other way around….

Here’s a little affirmation, if that helps: “I am not a hostage of time. With the gifted portion assigned to me, I receive and take ahold of it with thanksgiving and purpose, and commit to making better use of it – all by grace.”

Feel free to share these Time Management Tips with someone you know who can apply this insight to their life and business, for their wellness.

Keep on shinin’!

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“Time-Management Tips for today’s creative entrepreneur” by: indra is also featured on ‘Joy within’ Podcast

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