Top biz meeting spot & stellar service at The Tides Restaurant {Barbados}

This week, a musical sister and creative entrepreneur, Lisa and i popped by The Tides Restaurant on the west coast. It was my cameo visit, and though there for just about an hour, i was compelled to take a few pics to chronicle a snippet of the experience, and share here with you. This isn’t a sponsored post, but the combo of a friendship, good customer service and coastal decor is something that inspires words to dance and skip across the screen.

you’re right; this would make a sweet notebook

First of all – have you ever been to The Tides Restaurant?

Well, the service was at high tide when Lisa choose this spot on the west. The stellar customer service by the staff – Delano in particular was extraordinaire, the decor welcoming (outside – forest 🌳| indoors – coastal) and barracuda cakes – fabulously fluffy – delicately flavoured.

The near full length windows lets the light in, while the greenery outside filters the glare of the sun
Each area has a hint of blue expressed in a slightly different way, which made the walk through the space reminiscent of an aquatic adventure

Now, i’m no decor expert (a fan – not a pro)

…but let’s chit for a bit on the topic of service.

Having traveled quite a bit (about 20 destinations or so) quality service is something that stands out, and isn’t automatically related to the amount of stars assigned to a place, race or nationality, or venue location.

When it comes to defining good customer service, in this case it’s:

– a warm greeting
– enthusiasm – ‘bells & whistles’ not necessary
– genuine (or apparent) interest in product/service offered
observant eye
– cool enough camaraderie with team members
proactive if customers look a bit lost, or they lag a bit
– prompt or at the very least, letcha know any timing updates or ingredient edits

As for poor customer service? Mmmm…well, the exact opposite of the above – and some. Let’s call it an opportunity to grow in patience for the purposes of this post, shall we? (deep breaths come in real handy in those moments.)

Not every customer is a ‘dream-boat’ guest, so a healthy portion of good manners matter is best served all round, and good customer service exists in small, booming and online business. Every day isn’t the same, and it’s not like we’re expected to walk around with a plastic smile, like we’re auditioning for a dental floss commercial, but creating a welcoming environment and fabulous service to a customer is where hospitality meets business.


a garden greets you a few steps beyond the entrance

The restaurant wasn’t yet open; just the bar, so the ambience was light, and quiet enough to have a creative collab meeting.

Sooo, ever been to The Tides?

If so, what dish do you recommend i try for lunch on the next visit? (And “it’s a yes from me” if curry and pepper are in the mix.)

Thanks for the introduction to Tides, Lisa!

More than a visit to a venue – it was a welcoming experience, an invitation to return and  to recommend.

Now that's customer service!

What’s good service to you?

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