Lessons on business from ‘Global Entrepreneurship’ Grand Salle event

Entrepreneurship is a muscle-building experience.

It’s also a fabulous adventure, yet it isn’t for everyone, and that’s totally cool. Though we all have gifts, some are best or happiest expressed as hobbies, small circle activities, seasonal activities or deeds of service. Running and growing an enterprise while serving your audience consistently well, is a responsibility…businesses don’t just run on air n’ coffee or thrive solely based on how much love you put into it.

i was recently invited (by my local P.R.O) to attend a seminar at the Grand Salle, in Bridgetown, for a ‘Global Entrepreneurship Week.’ The 4-panelist presentation by business pros, was designed to reach a large group of teens from various secondary schools around the island, and educate them on the journey of entrepreneurship.

Listen to audio HERE (10:49)

The Courtney Blackman Grand Salle sits beside the steps leading to renowned concert & stage production venue, The Frank Collymore Hall. Adjoining ‘The Salle,’ is bajan ‘skyscraper,’ The Central Bank of Barbados.

It was interesting – and refreshing to sit in the front row, to learn more through innovative pioneers who spoke on:

  • steps to building a business
  • entrepreneurial endurance
  • teamwork
  •  identity
  • marketing strategy (and a special highlight of the day) –
  • effective communication and connection with your ideal audience.

A particularly hot topic was:

To source funding first or start where you are with what you have

Funds & Funding came up, and inspired some questions from a few students.

Fear about finance were expressed, and reminders about innovation were shared. Selwyn Cambridge (Founder of Ten Habitat) spoke on the need to define success for yourself, to think and be proactive and not complacent, and to collaborate with like-minded creatives instead of struggling to grow solo.


This is a clear example of when someone’s message aligns with their business. Ten Habitat is a co-working space for entrepreneurs. Check them out more HERE.



Lessons from ‘Global Entrepreneurship’ Grand Salle event

While loans are available options, it’s good to first do some research to project if or how your business can meet the repayment amount and timeline, while still reaping.

You can start a business with what you have.


One of the panelists highlighted innovative entrepreneurial team, ‘Yelluh Meat’ whose business stems from the seasonal breadfruit, and has sprung into a thriving business.

Recently, there’s been a drove of job losses in ‘Bim,’ and it’s no secret that the cost of living is higher than most places in The Caribbean, so entrepreneurship (not so long ago frowned upon by the academically-muscular), is now getting a lot of attention. The students at the seminar were reminded that business ownership is nothing new to Bajans, since several big businesses once started as ideas shared within families and among friends. One student asked about…

character traits of an entrepreneur.

The panelists shared these 3 responses stood out:

  • innovation and solution-oriented
  • focused and designed for endurance
  • effective communicator that pays attention and listens to market

Overall, it was an interactive and highly educational seminar. Some students came over to ask for insight on developing their business ideas, and shared steps they’ve taken so far. One even has her own work-from-home salon! You go girl!

The Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme helped train me on so many aspects involved in managing a business that have come in so handy, and still apply now. It meant so much that there was an outlet to learn through and a welcoming environment where you could ask questions and grow. That’s what this seminar was about.

Encourage the youth – not necessarily (or even) towards entrepreneurship per se – but to being their best…yes – we may not always relate – but instead of bringing them down – encourage them on.



Thanks for the invitation to attend, C.O.S.C.A.P

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