How To Set A Writing Rhythm for Your Book, Blog, or Journaling journey {Video}

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today’s VIDEO post shares some insight, encouragement and writing prompts for women who are called to write & share. Now, before you watch, this is the debut of our Soup, Salad, Sushi & Sunshine sessions – so don’t be too surprised when you see the l’il green bowl make a steady appearance. Sooo…make your favourite hot drink, and get ready to start writing your answers to the clarity questions shared here. It may not be a live video, but it’s definitely an interactive session.

Feel free to get a pen and paper, or open the ‘notes’ section on your typing thingie, to take notes and start creating your writing road map.

About you
What’s your message?
Why are you called to share or write it?
In one line, jot down or type out the purpose of your blog or book

List 3 of your most prominent personality traits
What’s your ‘writing voice’ sound like: ‘e.g: fun, light, serious, effervescent, encouraging, motivational…

Who’s your ideal reader?

How does it help, encourage, educate, or inspire?

Define your goal

…be sure to leave room for growth, sweet surprises, and miracles…
How does this goal align with the healthiest, most purposeful you?
Write it down in a journal or on an art pad- then put it up on your
vision board (if that’s your thing.) If not, on top your desk or dresser is just as fine

How often do you write?
Prompt: starting now, make a point to read more and write on purpose, once a day. I also recommend signing up on Grammarly for spelling assistance in real-time.

What’s your average writing time?

Setting a rhythm helps your writing assignment become a dance, with steady well-paced steps and purposeful breaths in between, so you can make it through the whole song

Where do you do your best writing?
Describe your current space
Breathe – now see it with fresh eyes and a sense of appreciation
Prompt: de-clutter, clean and decorate it in to start where you are, and grow towards your ideal setting – pick and follow-through on 1 thing right now like: empty garbage bin in your home office – take a mug or bowl to kitchen – dust off mat outside – re-make bed / adjust chair & desk and set in the most well-lit part of the room

What time of day do you usually write?
When’s the most quiet pocket of time in your day?

What do you think about a lot?
What do you care about a lot?
What concerns you?
What solutions can you offer?
How and why?

And there ya go, sis – you’ve taken a significant step forward in getting some clarity into your approach to fulfilling your goal! You’re already putting in the work!
Important note: – joy is essential, and it’s directly connected to your purpose

Take a deep breath – and go exhale some words onto a page or a screen in 1…2….threeeee…

Keep me posted on how your writing journey’s coming along. Also, download the FREE app, remember to subscribe to ‘Joy within’ podcast, and record a voice message on the app with your comment or question, for a chance to be featured as a caller in an upcoming episode.

Now go write, sis – like right now…

Compelled to share? Any more clarity about how you can set a writing rhythm that works for you? I’d love to hear, and your comment may encourage someone else who reads this post or watches the YouTube video. 

And there’s more where that came from. I’m preparing to open registration for the “Ready Writer” online COURSE, which shares more in-depth training through a webinar, audio + videos…) on the art of writing, planning & scheduling, plus insight on local store-placement – for women who are called to write and share their message.

“How To Set Your Writing Rhythm for your Book, Blog, or Journaling journey” by: indra

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