Q & A ~ Picking a Platform & Setting Your Pace {Podcast}

Hiya, in today’s podcast post, I’m answering this week’s three most frequently-asked questions by entrepreneurial ladies who’ve been sharing their goals and challenges with navigating social media.

Listen to audio HERE

How do you keep up with social media?

reply: It’s more about the tempo you set your social media rhythm to. Is it danceable? I’m not a fan of being or feeling overwhelmed, so advise you to design your content and posting schedule in a way that aligns with your wellness and best serves your audience. If you’re on social media for businessgentle reminderyou lead your business, not the other way around.

When we allow our businesses to yank us around or our phones to be hollering notifications at full volume constantly, it’s a recipe for exhaustion. You are more than your business.

Serving from a place of refreshment, rather than exhaustion, helps you pour more joy and enthusiasm into how brightly you shine online and in life.

Which online platform is best to start with or be on?

reply: Is your audience more visual or sonic with how they tune into information and marketing messages? It wouldn’t make much sense to spend hours on end on one platform when your ideal audience is checked in at a totally different location. (Sharing this from past experience.) What’s your most effective means of communicating (be honest.)

Where do your customers or clients gather/shop, and how much time do they spend online? Do potential clients come on board when you meet in person, or is an e-mail or phone conversation successful each time? Which are you likely to be most diligent with; how much time are you willing to producing that kind of content?

Those clues will help you choose well, and show up on the right online stage.

How do you come up with fresh ideas for posts & new episodes?

reply: Every day isn’t the same. What lessons have you learned? Every subject has sub-headings and related topics. What encouragement, advice or resources can you share? What do you wish you had known when you were starting out or building a business?


Planning content in advance helps with bulk-production and well-paced scheduling for those times when you feel fresh outta ideas. As ideas come, document them whether in a voice-note, in your paper planner or digital Editorial Calendar, or in project management app like Trello.

Have fun connecting with your audience – do your best to be diligent, yes – but remember, you are more than a business – and you matter…

Here’s that Podcast link in case you missed it the first time

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“Q & A ~ Picking a Platform & Setting Your Pace” {Podcast} by Indra

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