Blogging Benefits, Prep-Steps and Key Planning Resources {VIDEO}

Ever wondered what the big fuss is about blogging?

Well, this video shares some encouragement and insight into the WHY of blogging – while listing some of the many benefits and keys to consistency.

i started this blog in March of 2013, and it’s been (and still is) an adventure, growth exercise, creative business hub, and community – the highlights go way beyond the writing, research, content prep and nerdy tech stuff i actually enjoy a lot…

Along with the fact that you can start and manage a blog from the cosiness of your home, or while travelling, let’s get to some more bonuses…

i had no idea when starting out as an online writer, that this space would grow to reach so many people.

If your message needs a vehicle, business needs a boost or product needs a home, a blog is a good springboard and community building avenue.

We may be the blogger, but it’s not about me and you, or we might as well just continue writing in our journals kept in drawers at home – it’s about the message connecting and resonating with the people we serve, for fruitful results…

Video references:

Click HERE to watch the Trello tutorial

Here’s the link to find out more about my Blogging EssentialseBook mentioned and the blog post for ‘introverts’ on “Navigating Social Media When You’re Kinda Social – but not THAT social”
 By the way, i did this video on Facebook live using my MacBook Pro laptop cam – though it’s a tad bit fuzzy, hope the message brings you some clarity on the topic.

Thanks for watching, and if you’re already blogging, what’s your favourite thing about it? Your insight and comment may encourage someone else watching and reading.

i read all the messages you send and will keep the creative content and encouragement coming. Have a topic you’d like highlighted? Your time to type and share here…

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Hi sister, if you're called to purposefully reset the pace and volume of your life for the better or start your own blog, there's plenty of steps, resources and inspiration here. Join songwriter, singer, homecook and publishing entrepreneur Indra from Barbados - a former nature tour guide, frequent flyer, library manager and volunteer farmer. Subscribe to this online labour or love that's also one of the leading 'Caribbean Lifestyle Blogs & Websites to Follow in 2022' by FeedSpot for refreshing reminders, freedom songs, real life nature adventures, tropical recipes and encouragement along the way.

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