Time Management Tip on Finding Personal Space by Margaret R. Niles, PhD {Podcast Guest}

Hi there, it’s with joy that i introduce today’s guest in the “Celebrate A Sister” series, a gracious lady who shares insight and sound advice on…

Finding Personal Space

As a devoted wife and mother, and work-from-home entrepreneur, Margaret R. Niles, PhD knows what it’s like to prioritize time with your family while growing your business, and making sure to tend to your peace of mind and wellness in the process.

I’ve known our guest for about 7 years, and her sunny yet reserved, calm and strong countenance along with her dedication to family, is something to admire.
by: Margaret R. Niles, PhD.

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“We all strive for the perfect work environment, where we control the pace of work, client requests are reasonable and time – considerate and our homes are spotless, and our families’ needs are met ‘in the twinkle of an eye’…but we all have to wake up from that utopian wish and carve personal time out of the hand we’ve been dealt – the one we’ve dealt ourselves.

Working for oneself is an exhilarating and liberating feeling, however after the first two weeks of boundless joy, reality sets in – especially after the visit of the postman bearing bills.

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As time proceeds and the client base and workload increases, it becomes apparent that the one in oneself remains to diminish.

We become an extension of others to the extent that even the ominous bills are neglected, not because of lack of funds (although that too is a reality) but mainly because of a lack of time.

T I M E – that short four-letter word that has such a huge impact on our business endeavours.

Everything we do is time-bound.

In an information-laden competitive environment like entrepreneurship, time is a critical factor…to the extent that a 5 or 10-minute delay could lead to the rejection of a proposal, and the loss of a sale of an item, or the loss of a sale or networking link.

As critical as time is for our success we must not lose sight of the ‘i‘ in T-i-M-E.

without the ‘i’ in T-i-M-E the letters do not form a word, therefore it is crucial for all of us to make that personal space.

A time set aside for the ‘i’ in TIME.

It is not an easy task, especially when one is starting out and not yet in a position to employ others and delegate tasks, but one must seek out and implement strategies that can claim back some time for the personal space.

I have found online banking to be a Godsend, and now that all of the banks can talk to each other electronically, travel and waiting in line at the bank has been cut to a minimum. It saves time visiting the various service providers just to pay bills and visits to those concerning service related problems or issues.

I have also implemented a rule where I disconnect from the world of client requests and business activities around 5pm each day. Work on weekends is by choice, and rarely a necessity.

Carve out personal time

Choose a time during every day where you just disconnect. Do something that brings some relaxation and joy.

Recharge the mind and body for the next business task that is just around the corner.”

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Time Management Tip For Today’s Creative Entrepreneur

Time Management Tip on Finding Personal Space by Margaret R. Niles, PhD {Podcast Guest} first published on ‘Joy within‘ blog + podcast, as part of the “Celebrate A Sister” series that highlights women who shine through their gifts with grace.

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5 thoughts on “Time Management Tip on Finding Personal Space by Margaret R. Niles, PhD {Podcast Guest}

  1. Great article Margaret. I’ve found that the life of an entrepreneur is always challenging, frustrating, exhilarating and rewarding all at the same time and i am glad that you have taking the time to bring a perspective that can help to guide the uninitiated. Thanks again and cheers.

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