Pacing Yourself, Getting Perspective & Persevering by: Selena Dodson – Certified Life & Wellness Coach {Guest Post}

As we come to the end of one year and prepare by grace, to greet a new one, some may be smiling in anticipation while others may need a word of encouragement to make it through the day or beyond a challenging time.

The thing that makes uplifting words so essential is the fact that each day isn’t the same, so even if this is a bright season for you right now, at some point the imprint of a compassionate message may be just what you needed as a reminder to inspire you on.

Today’s post is written by a repeat guest from the “Celebrate A Sister” series, Selena Dodson.


“I wanted to share this with you and encourage you to look at your journey as a lifestyle by reminding you of this one thought –


Some days things go wrong – that is a given. You won’t always be on track. But if you are trying to be, then you are far ahead of where you would be if you stopped and gave up.

Stay strong and forgive yourself when you slip – just be determined not to fall and if you do fall, then fight to get back up. It is always the best option.

Something will ALWAYS BE more than nothing! Your body is capable of way more than you know and if you stay positive and keep trying, it WILL adapt and you will be able to do things that your mind may have seen as impossible based on social conditioning and false limitations.

Every day is an opportunity to get closer to your goals and this is true regardless of the past so please remember to NEVER GIVE UP!

Your Best Self depends on it.”✨

(Selena Dodson, Certified Life/Wellness Coach)

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