Overcoming Online & Real-Life Stage-Fright To Share Your Message Bravely

Hiya, how’re you today? Here’s a new podcast episode for you. Today’s topic is…

Overcoming Online & Real-Life Stage-Fright To Share Your Message Bravely.’

It’s a 10:37 minute listen so I’ll transcribe some of the highlights here for ya, ok? Some prefer listening and some ‘take’ more to reading so feel free to pick which suits you.

Do you ever feel anxious or find yourself hesitating or procrastinating with taking a step forward in preparation for the studio, stage, or being present on a social media platform? You wouldn’t be the only person in the world if it’s ‘a yes for you.’

Stage-fright doesn’t have to be a permanent position; it’s something you can take small purposeful steps to grow and shine beyond. Wanna know how I know?

Listen to the podcast HERE

I share encouragement based on 15+ years coaching countless classes of singers & speakers. You’ll also hear a bit of my journey and former struggle with getting over shyness to singing on big stages, coaching groups and hosting webinars (while still being a quiet person with pockets of bubbly moments.)

In my coaching sessions, there’s always that hesitation moment when it comes to a client sharing their voice for the first time. With gentle prompting and extensive research, the root-cause relates to a fear of the perception and response of the listener or receiver. But where does that leave your voice (whether written, spoken or sung) and the message in you that you’re called to share?

Yes, breathing and visualization help and come in very handy in real-time, but that’s nowhere near the sum of it. Believing plays a key role in this whole scenario.

Stage-fright is something that can figuratively ‘freeze’ people who experience it and even cause anxiety attacks. Saying ‘just breathe through it‘ or ‘it’s not that big of a deal‘ to someone about to go on a mega stage to thousands is like telling an athlete about to do an Olympic dive “c’mon – just jump – it’s a piece o’ cake.”

As someone who once stayed in my room at an all-inclusive 5star resort for 2 days straight ’cause I was too shy about interacting with people, to being on big stages like Frank Collymore Hall and Madison Square Garden, coaching and hosting webinars, I can tell ya –
you can get beyond those nerves and grow forward too!
Here’s a Fun-Fact: at 4yrs I walked over to the new neighbours’ house, up their steps and straight into their living room to find the mother quietly sewing. Her back was turned as she worked. “Do you have a daughter the same as age as me I can be friends with?” For obvious reasons, she was shocked but thankfully sweet as pie and called out for her daughter who was – get this – 4yrs old too. We became instant friends. Children often tend to be fearless about expressing themselves, and as we grow up and experience disappointments, rejection and all the rest of it, we can curl up into a ball and consider it a permanent state of being.

You’re not designed to live in the fetal position. Take a stand, sis.

It goes beyond just taking a deep breath. Listen in to find out how you can

grow beyond fears

step forward in faith and

shine on stage, whether in life or online

(without having to be a pleb about it)

Here’s that link again in case you missed it the first time. Thanks for visiting and feel free to share any topics you’d like highlighted so I can make sure to align upcoming posts with what serves you most in this season.

Do you struggle with stage-fright, whether it comes to launching or establishing a presence on social media, or getting ready for the studio or stage? Punch fear in the eyeball, take a step forward and comment if so.

Overcoming Online & Real-Life Stage-Fright To Share Your Message Bravely by: indra

2 Timothy 1:7

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