How To Prepare For A Music Conference In 5 Sure Steps {Podcast}

Today’s topic springs from my eBookHow To Prepare For A Music Conference In 5 Sure Steps that outlines key prep-steps designed to help artists and other music professionals:

  • maximize the business opportunity of attending a music conference
  • prepare for your trip, and navigate the whole process without being overwhelmed
  • overcome nerves when preparing for the networking experience
  • return refreshed and reap results 

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How To Prepare For A Music Conference In 5 Sure Steps

From choosing an event and funding your trip, to preparing your E.P.K (electronic press kit), and booking 1:1 meetings with music biz execs, you’ll find key info to equip you during the planning, in-conference and forward-step stages.

You may want to take notes while listening, so grab a pen and paper or open the Notes section to type out points that resonate with you.

The main purpose of a conference is to provide a networking opportunity and serve as a gathering space to share information simultaneously with a group of people. Let’s face it, networking is either something you love, enjoy to an extent, or have a huge dislike of. Which of those 3 most resonates with you right now? Knowing that will help you customize your approach to preparing for and successfully showing up at one.

Music conferences, seminars, workshops, and meetings can be exhilarating – they can also seem intimidating when you’re there in real-time and maybe not quite sure what to do, or how to tap into the opportunities available, in a way that propels your music career forward.

Can an introvert be successful at networking?

Yes (can you see my hand raised from there?) As long as you’re dedicated to growing your creative career as a singer/music entrepreneur, you can breathe beyond any nerves or social awkwardness to connect with others successfully and even book business meetings with people you’ve never met.

For extroverts, conferences are not like ‘limes’ and meet-ups though there are mingling moments for those who like socializing after-hours. Remaining focused on your objective, while genuinely expressing your interest in others and sharing about your music or service in a clear, concise, professional and friendly manner is essential.

Remember, everyone has something they’re still working on and maybe even a bit nervous about. If networking is not ‘your thing,’ no need to be hard on yourself. It can become your thing when you remember your gift, your goals, the mission and grow beyond any fears.

In this episode, I share a few checklist notes to consider:

  • which conference aligns with your present music goals
  • the season/weather + timezone (do you need winter gear for e.g – variables like that can affect the weight of your luggage. Check with airline on any limitations.)
  • electrical voltage of the destination island/country the conference is in
  • native language/s spoken
  • recommended hotels, safest means of transport, wifi access and booth space stats 
  • the submission date to apply for showcase opportunities

How To Prepare For A Music Conference in 5 Sure Steps” shares a proven template + checklist compiled from experience and research that I learned to apply firsthand for conferences like M.I.D.E.M, S.X.S.W, C.M.E/U.N.E.S.C.O, W.S.I.S, W.O.M.E.X, and more.

Want to buy the eBook? (It’s Usd.$9. until Jan. 11th, 2019) Feel free to share here


Indra is a Singer/Songwriter, blogger and publishing entrepreneur. Songwriting on the charts: #1 MTV Africa, #1 German reggae charts, #1 BBC Xtra, #5 U.K reggae charts, #5 David Rodigan’s “Hot Hits” List, #7 Billboard reggae charts, and B.M.A nomination for Best Inspirational/Gospel Single. She is one of 5 noted female music publishers in Barbados and the author of “Vocal-CARE 101” eBook + ‘The 7Rs of Reaping Through Your songWriting.’ {Upcoming E.P early in 2019}

How To Prepare For A Music Conference In 5 Steps” by: Indra (c) 2018 


“This is my first time working with Indra in a non-musical setting and I must say she is more than capable when it comes to press kit material for musicians. Her service is very efficient and she knows the right questions to ask so that she can help her clients in the most appropriate way. The best service is one where the provider takes the initiative and believes in their work and that is what she provides – an excellent service.” – Jomo Slusher (Berklee College of Music student, Trombonist)

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