Above And Beyond Our Business Plans

It’s healthy to plan with the time we’ve been gifted, but nothing can ever beat or surpass the ultimate plan of God who is not defined by or confined to time. I didn’t always think this way and don’t have the right to judge you if you think otherwise…but it would be so cool if you’d have a read and see if you can relate or if the essence of today’s message resonates.

I’ve lost count as to how many times simply being present and choosing not to entertain panic has inspired so many unpredictable moments of refreshment, encouragement assignments, key opportunities to reach out and assist, miracles and sweet surprises.

When you love what you do your business can wrestle for a front-seat in your life, but you are more than your career and created on purpose for a purpose.

Above And Beyond – Our Schedule – His Plans

A new client recently booked a vocal evaluation by referral, and we set the date and time. I sent the directions in advance as she’s not from Barbados, and all was set.

Earlier that morning, a sister-friend picked me up and we went to the first church service of the day which ends about 1 and 1/2hrs before the session was scheduled to start, so more than enough time to prepare at a breathable pace.

That morning in particular, service went a bit longer than usual – still with room to spare in preparation to start the class without an ounce of rushing. The directions sent mentioned the area as one of a few landmarks before the actual bus stop the client was to get off at (3 stops away.)

Just as the sermon ended, someone calls my name. It’s one of the sweet elderly ladies – standing beside the new client who had been early for class, and a bit unsure of the directions decided ‘out of the blue’ to stop at the church since it was open until she heard me on the phone closer to the actual time, to find her way there.

We’ve never met but I’d seen her pic on WhatsApp. It took a few minutes to process how she arrived at the church an hour early and not at class several roads away. I hadn’t mentioned that I’d be there before our class. His plan – way beyond mine.

She could have shared in the service and then called after leaving, but the same elderly lady asked her if she was new to the area. She replied and said she’s going for a vocal class with me, is early but not too sure about the exact directions since the location pin wasn’t coming up on her phone. To which the lady points across the room and says, “look, she’s sitting right there.”

She received a warm welcome from church members, rode with us to the class venue and thoroughly enjoyed her evaluation. There was (and is) a plan that exceeded the general one we’d initially made. Take van -. disembark here – light stroll to location – start class

What ended up happening was a welcoming meet-and-greet with a group where she was embraced and we were introduced in a very specific and intentional setting – for a purpose that resonated way beyond that class.

A week after, another new client schedules a consultation that transitions into a fervent and timely prayer session. We go a bit over our designated time and thank God for that.

If we were in control of everything, not only would we be the vainest creatures on the planet, but we wouldn’t have the amazingly beautiful invitation to lean on the Lord and not on our own understanding.

As frequently as these things and more occur, I hope to always appreciate them, remain in awe of His works, and live grateful in all things.

Next time you schedule a meeting or find yourself overbooking your day, make some room for the plan that exceeds our earthy ideas and choose to experience the awe that comes with the truth – there’s a higher purpose for your life and God knows best.

Jeremiah 29:11


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Above And Beyond Our Business Plans by: Indra

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