A refreshing gathering for creative women – “Sparkle” workshop

Hiya, hope your day was bright and if not, I hope your ‘now’ is light.

It’s workshop prep time, with “Sparkle” coming up around the corner on February 24th in sunny Barbados. (insert bright smile here.) One of the many fabulous things about these gatherings is the:

  • vibe of encouragement
  • shared appetite for learning together in a safe space
  • real-time group support that springs from a place of generosity
  • invitation to enjoy intentional moments of refreshment
  • renewed energy and zest our guests experience during and after

This “Sparkle” workshop is the third so far and I always look forward to preparing a welcoming space and sharing business resources and good conversation with the creative ladies who join – but you know what –

the breathwork session is gonna be one of the sweetest highlight moments.

be refreshed - get inspired - and get equipped to
grow your business in alignment with your wellness

As entrepreneurs, so many of us have challenges unplugging from gadgets and recharging through breath. We often choose to race over carving out purposeful time to be refreshed so we can serve better

For this workshop, we’re starting with a relaxing and rejuvenating breathwork session based on my vocal coaching insight – then it’s onto business blooming, blog + tech time, and some Caribbean home cooking. Sabor!

It’s soon gift-bag prep time and I’d love your help with creative goodie ideas for the ladies.
sparkle feb graphic (1)

You are much more than your business

Could you do with some special treatment, tech tips + your own printed ‘Business Clarity Map‘ and a light lunch in a welcoming environment?

Yes, save me a seat!

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Indra is a blogger, singer/songwriter and homecook from Barbados, who started a blog that now reaches 85 destinations. Joyful Life|Creative Calling shares content management steps, refreshment reminders, interviews and tropical vlogs. You'll see posts & vlogs to encourage you if you're called to reset the quality, pace and volume of your life for the better. As a teen, she almost gave up on life. Now as a woman saved by grace, she lives with purpose, interviewing people, helping libraries get digitally organized, recording from her cosy home studio while enjoying long walks and the kitchen. Join the journey and click subscribe if you like, for firsthand updates on new posts, guest features and tropical vlogs.

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