How To Plan guest posts for your Blog & Organize your Podcast & YouTube Content {VIDEO}


are you thinking about starting a blog, podcast or YouTube channel and not sure how to plan, map and keep track of all your content? Planning an event? Maybe you’re already a social media pro but could use a set structure using a project management and group file sharing platform.

The word ‘consistency‘ is hollered from the sidelines to anyone contemplating starting or doing anything, from learning a new skill to becoming a better writer, launching a business or training for a marathon. But consistency, especially in a digital setting requires storage in a structured way that’s also fun and creative!

How To Plan guest posts for your Blog & Organize your Podcast & YouTube Content

In this video, I share a ‘behind-the-screen’ view of my Trello board and the steps involved in mapping guests posts and keeping track of content. Trello’s a fun and fabulous online venue to log, store (and share, if ya like) content. It’s also a convenient co-working space that also serves as a handy goal map and project planner.

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Watch time: {11:12}


I recommend Trello to plan events, map and manage content, communicate with your team, document your financial activity and prepare for your family holiday, but there are other planning platforms like Asana.

When you’re ready to grow your team, you can:

  • add them (via email) to specific boards
  • assign set tasks to different people and read updates
  • share and store files
  • create interactive checklists 
  • assign due dates to projects and sync with Google Calendar
  • log activity without a million back n’ forth e-mails or text messages

I work from home so having access to organizational resources like this is essential to maintaining focus and structure as an entrepreneur. This platform is versatile across the board though because you can use it to plan or map anything and share files with anyone (family, team members, work colleagues, and clients) you give specific access to, depending on the nature of your board.

screen shot 2019-01-25 at 7.56.37 am
This is what the homepage looks like: create a free account to start

For more insight on this cool app that’s a lot like a digital vision board in some ways, check my Trello 101 video .

And about those guest posts celebrating some enterprising sisters mentioned in the post headline, you can read and listen to them HERE. Hope this helps you along your content planning and management journey.

As much as I map goals and tasks digitally, paper planning is a given and prep-work usually starts there even if it’s bullet lists and doodles. What about you? Have a planning preference? Are you more into notebooks, Google Calendar, or maybe already using Trello to manage your content? Have a highlight to share?



Note: I recommend using Trello on your desktop or laptop though it’s also a free phone app. Since it’s so dynamic and layered the phone-view can be a bit much on the eyes, but it’s a breeze on a larger screen.


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