Sisterly Love And Intentional Expressions of Kindness {Video}

Hey, how’s your day so far? i hope bright – if it happens not to be so at the moment, lots of compassion to you.

This real-life story of everyday kindness may encourage you:

The other day i went to town to take care of an errand and on the way, saw a woman who used to be a sales clerk at a jewellery store that was a popular spot for buying Christmas gifts for school friends.

We see each other every 5 years or so, and the other day happened to be one of those moments. i was wearing one of my favourite skirts that happens to be extremely long. i stand at a whopping 5ft and this skirt can brush the ground so i usually hold one edge (curtsey-style) and walk.


So, the lady and i greeted each other – she remembers me clear as day and always has a smile and kind word to say though we don’t know each other by name. She (obviously) noticed me holding the edge of the ocean-wave-length floral skirt and said, “ohhh this skirt is too long for you, girl. I was wondering why you were holding it – here lemme help you.

Without hesitation, she rested her shopping bags on the sidewalk and oblivious to passersby, bent to tie a knot at one edge of the sweeping skirt. Taking a step back and tilting her head to evaluate the adjustment like a skilled seamstress, she then tied another on the other side as a caring sister lookin’ out for another does.

All i could think of was and is the kindness of God, and how He uses people (believers, friends and foes) for the good of His children for His glory. i remember this same woman mentioning her faith from my school days when i was more on the foe side so that day in town, i smiled and again was and am still in wonder at how beautiful service springing from kindness is.

Today, i’m inviting you to join me in seeking to be more kind…to shower kindness like eco-friendly confetti…to recognize, receive and breathe it forward, understanding that it doesn’t inherently spring from us – its divine copyright resides in Heaven alone yet kindness and compassion are poured onto, into and through us…if only we let love in…

Let love in today, ok? Any thoughts to share? Feel free here

Sisterly Love And Intentional Expressions of Kindness’ by indra

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Hi, I'm Indra, blogging from Barbados. Here you’ll find content tips for your creative career, refreshment reminders for everyday life, and nature views from around the island. I'm a writer, singer, blogger and publishing consultant who now works mostly from home after pressing pause on a life of travel. On a quest to grow more grateful each day. As a teen I almost gave up on life; now as a woman saved by grace, I'm living joyfully with purpose and encouraging the overwhelmed through words and music. Thanks for joining the journey, and remember to follow 'Joy within' blog for firsthand updates on new posts.

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