To Blog Or Not To Blog – Pacing Online Posts With Real Life Moments

Have you ever had a wonderful memory that wasn’t filmed or recorded but was still fabulous? If ‘it’s a yes’ for you, same here.

Yesterday I went for the annual lunch and laugh with dear amigos from Denmark who have got to be by now the most famous and beloved Danish couple in Bim.

Y’all, the entire experience was truly a blogger’s feast full of clickable moments, documentary-inspiring encounters, encouragement quote printables…but i didn’t take my phone out of my bag not once – even to check the time. i chose – to be present and cherish the day as it was.

That doesn’t mean the thought didn’t flash into my mind especially when the scrumptious vegan food on those pretty teal plates and quaint mason jars of water with a splash of lime were delivered to our table…or when i had a pocket of browsing time in the mall where some sweet tops and dresses were on sale…

To Blog Or Not To Blog – Pacing Online Posts With Real Life Moments

Y’all, i really really enjoy blogging and taking pics but am also challenging myself to cherish the essence of experiences with a few over the urge to post everything to many.

Lunch blossomed into an unexpected art exhibition visit where we met and spoke with a weaver, then coffee at a nearby spot. Conversation went from sharing on their daily adventures, speaking about needs and challenges in society to putting forward solutions and hopes, and in what seemed like ‘no time,’ Cave Shepherd’s cleaning staff was on the move as closing time approached.

Heartfelt conversation, socially responsible discussion and yes – a healthy dose of ab-inducing laughter as well as a few quietly breathed-back tears during those moments when we spoke about the less fortunate.

At the end i realized i hadn’t taken a group pic and as we were walking through town to go our separate ways, it just didn’t seem – time.

Moments aren’t more meaningful when we document them, though having happy momentos is fabulous to reflect on sometimes.

So I’ll make a note to take and share some pics from our next lunch, meet-up or adventure but also wanted to lightly remind you today to appreciate what you can whether or not you’ve got a camera or supposedly “smart”-phone in hand.

Social media can be a thrill, but it’s not more important than being present with people you care about.

There are ways of politely fusing the two especially with ones who understand and appreciate your life rhythm as a blogger, social media marketer, online business owner…but miles and moons beyond those titles (and way before phones lest we forget) we are living breathing creations designed for authentic connection

The smile on my face and in my heart from our lunch is still shining through…there’s a screenshot in my memory that’s now embedded in this post – without pics, but precious all the same

How about trying this out? Challenge yourself to enjoy a moment you’d usually post about, without a camera or phone in hand…you may very well enjoy it to the fullest…and then write about it (pics or no pics.)

Ciao for now, and thanks for reading

To Blog Or Not To Blog – Pacing Online Posts With Real Life Moments by indra

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