Be Your Sisters’ Keeper | Interview with Women’s Devotional Group Leader Tarryn Leigh

It’s a fresh new season in the ‘Celebrate A Sister‘ series and our first guest for 2019 joins us from Zimbabwe. Tinaye (ishe) Tarryn Leigh is the founder of ‘Rhema‘ an encouragement and devotional group for women and today we carved out time to record this podcast episode for you.

Sis, you’re gonna wanna make a cup of tea or coffee, get your journal and a pen, or just close your eyes, listen with a soft smile and be inspired. Tune in to listen HERE

Founder of Rhema

Tarryn Leigh shares:

About a month ago, I started a group on Instagram initially. I wrote on my IG story, ‘Whoever wants to join a support group and is suffering from inconsistency and wants to chase their goals, join me on this one.”

And I had the privilege of having initially at first 73 – actually, it was 80 girls who joined the group chat, and I was shocked.

In this refreshing conversation, Tarryn Leigh shares so honestly about the inspiration to start the movement that sprung from a struggle and invites us into the daily essence and tempo of the group that’s growing by grace.

Be Your Sisters’ Keeper

She encourages women to be our sisters’ keeper and not tear each other down, and she’s taken a bold step forward by creating a safe space using accessible tech for women to share, support and encourage each other through the Word of God.


“As we pray we say The Lord’s prayer…”Thy will be done.’ That is what I essentially want the ladies to understand that God’s will must be done above all else. You have your plans, yes – you have the things that you have set for your life but there is Someone in charge of your life, and you ought to give credit to Who made you.

We start off our mornings the right way.

It’s a frustrating thing because women are so prone to suffering from depression, mental illness, from lack of self-confidence. It all stems from not knowing who you are, and like I said in the first place, you have to know who God is in your life first before you know who you are. Because once you establish Who He is in your life, then you’re able to determine who you are…

Celebrate A Sister template (2)

…it’s just like a tree – there are roots, then comes the trunk of the tree, then come the branches. And God is your root, so if you don’t know your root you can’t be a trunk, you can’t be the branch, you can’t be the leaves or you can’t be the fruit – you can’t manifest yourself…so you must know who your Founder is – get to understand His importance in your life and the role He has to play in your life and allow Him to play that role.

Rhema (Women) is about passing on the things that God has helped equipped you with along the journey, to the next person. It’s a support system of women aiming to support and encourage each other.”

Sonic refreshment that’s sure to inspire, shared by gracious guest on ‘Joy within‘ blog and podcast, Tarryn Leigh. Visit Rhema Women on Instagram @rhema_women + @bridging_thegap

Have you ever longed to be part of a support group for women? Maybe you’re a part of one now and have a precious moment when sisterly love was evident, to share? Comment and let us know.

Be Your Sisters’ Keeper by Tarryn Leigh first appeared on ‘Joy within’ Blog & Podcast
(Photos by our guest)

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