You don’t have to be rough, to be in business – choose joy & remember your wellness {encouragement}

A bright day to you reading this,

Y’know – so many people are asking about the qualities and traits of a ‘successful’ entrepreneur and there really is no cookie-cutter explanation or one-size fits all answer, but there are some things to consider when choosing your approach to being an entrepreneur and aligning that with the true essence of who you are and more importantly, whom you’re created to be.

You don't have to be rough, to be in business

Success‘ as most of us have figured out by now, can be relative. If someone expresses a set goal to jump over their front gate for example, and they manage to do it – then yes – they’ve successfully accomplished the goal. However, if they ‘throw out their back’, land on a big stinkin’ rusty nail and holla out a few expletives in the process, it doesn’t seem or feel too ‘successful’ and takes away from any associated hype with the goal ’cause of the not-so-fun variables that came along with the whole scenario.

Being an entrepreneur is often touted as a dazzling thing, and of course, there are countless highlights but if you read the post before this or you have a business already, you know there are some non-glamorous and challenging moments as with any other area of life.

Along with choosing the nature of and location for your business, it’s essential to consider your approach to your business and align that with your wellness and essence ’cause the fruit of that is what you’ll serve your clients, and what will eventually shape your personality.

Did you know that choosing your clients and customers can relate to your wellness?

A real life lesson:

i remember the day when i decided not to become a cold-hearted businesswoman in a male-prevalent career field. i had the opportunity, like many of us do these days to embrace life as an aloof and pulse-less ‘successful’ person building a creative enterprise that looked impressive from the outside but had moments of “arm-wrestling” and “high words” with those whose voices have way more bass and volume than mine…

i lost my cool on the phone – like 2 or 3 times (years ago) and immediately had to do a self-check. My dad who didn’t say much at all while he was alive, had once told me to never shout at a man.

The lesson remained and while he didn’t give an explanation, it just seemed and still seems like something that’s probably best to do. (As a vocalist, it’s actually helpful advice to preserve your voice.) That said, i’ve raised the volume (and still will) as a prayer warrior with authority when necessary, but in terms of anger as a trait – even harbouring angry thoughts i find exhausting and a recipe for acid thoughts and words.

Having experienced several smooth sailing work experiences before, and been a person who is not a fan of quarrelling or debates, it jolted something in my mind and served as a reminder that there was a choice.

The decision to choose warmth over coldness, tenderness over telling somebody off, joy over the mundane and camaraderie over competition still brings a deep breath and smile to my face AND income to my pocket

sis, you don’t lose when you choose to maintain the essence of who you truly are

you don’t have to be rough to be in business

or aloof to be ‘taken seriously’

As an entrepreneurista, you DO, however, have to have the endurance of an Olympic athlete, the tact of an ant colony, a coach, mentor or couple or a few supporters whether in person or online, patience of Job, the humility of Mary (the one who used her hair to wash Jesus’ feet), the courage of David who knocked out Goliath with a slingshot and a rock, the resourcefulness of an outdoorsman or woman, the spunk of a jack russell, and every ounce of grace and joy you’ve been blessed to receive…many of those you’ll be taught and acquire along the way and you’ll find so much joy building, growing and managing your business while serving your clients well with a glow

it’s soooo worth the effort

Questions to consider to encourage you  (purposely worded in 1st person so you can jot or type if inspired):

  1. what word or expression first comes to mind when i think of “work”
  2. am i anxious, and is my job or business contributing to that?
  3. when was the last time i took a deep breath?
  4. when was the last time i smiled? 
  5. when am i most fulfiled? 
  6. what do i enjoy doing?
  7. what or whom can i think of right now, to give thanks for?
  8. am i being me right now?
  9. what healthy thought or habit can i begin today?

The buzzwords of today are key clues to the problems so many are faced with. Stress, anxiety, depression, road rage, conflict, and all the rest of it…don’t embrace and accept those punks and wear them like clothing, setting out guest rooms for them in the house of your mind. No sah!

Send them back from whence they came, and choose joy, wellness, purpose, refreshment, love, harmony, courage, endurance, perseverance…and wisdom – for that, we all have to ask God for His – not ours…clearly as a people we are not as wise as we’d like to think.

You matter…and your health and wellness matter…don’t despair…but be proactive

That’s all for now…have a bright rest of the day y’all and thanks for reading. Inspired to share? Feel free to HERE.

You don’t have to be rough, to be in business – choose joy & remember your wellness {encouragement} by indra – ‘Joy within’ blog + podcast

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From Busy On The Road To Quietly Working From Home

Philippians 4:6

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