Be the Boss of your Phone – not the other way around {encouragement}

Remember when BBs came to town? Blackberries – the phone, not the fruit.

i remember the first time that shrill triple alert resonated through the room, “pweep-pweep-pweep!” and even then, had the thought that this whole phone thing could become an annoyance if not managed.

Is your phone bossing you around?

Is it your phone, or are you its person?

The other day, my phone hollered at me

ding!”- and then an echo – ding! – and another – ding! – ding! (a pause) then – ding!

One or two is pretty much the norm – no big deal. i don’t rush to fetch or check it like a newborn babe each time it makes a sound, but this one time stood out as it was so many notification notes it could almost compose a short song. Had it been a cluster of inspiring quotes or pics, it would’ve lightened the moment, but nope.

The message was as sharp as the tone of the phone, clearly sent in panic mode and as we sometimes can do. A sister on the contact list was offloading, putting pressure elsewhere to alleviate her frustrations – in essence, trying to demand my immediate attention. It worked, and though i sent a quick note to share that i was cooking, the phone kept on singing over and over again.

Lesson: the volume button is there for a reason and we can actually use it for those moments where we need to create boundaries to maintain and enjoy quiet moments.

Be The Boss Of Your Phone (and not the other way around)

Yes, like laptops, they come in so handy for scheduling tasks, managing social media, checking e-mail, posting pics on Insta, recording melodies in voice-notes, connecting with close friends and valued clients, listening to podcasts, hosting or joining webinars and all the rest of it, “smartphones” have become these pint-sized, password-protected super-machines that not only gobble up our attention but often demand it through a playlist of notifications.

Do you have a phone, or does your phone have you?

STEPS you and i can make to be the boss of our phones (and not the other way around):

  • turn off unimportant notifications (prioritize to suit.)
  • when out for a meal with people, remember you’re out for a meal with people – your phone does not count as a date
  • keep up your handwriting skills and give those poor thumbs a rest every now and then
  • refuse to take your phone in the bathroom (it’s not toilet-paper nor is it soap)
  • use your phone in purposely-productive pockets and sync social platforms so there’s less post repetition
  • set it in another room, drawer or designated space out of eyesight at nighttime
  • let the battery life go to 1% sometimes. Test your attachment to the ‘device’
  • replace any idle phone-time with a light activity (gardening, painting, a walk)
  • dodge the notification trapdoor facebook has when you download the app and sign in for the first time on your phone. You’ll be asked the same question about 3 times, and each time, the ‘turn on notifications’ option will be on a different side of the screen – left, then right then left, to subtly confuse you into ‘accidentally’ turning on notifications if you’re in a rush to log on.
  • please doh lay down with your phone on your heart or chest, or under your tummy.
  • dare yourself to travel without it sometimes whether for short walks or supermarket visits. You’ll find things like breathing, eyesight, hearing, speech and movement remain the same.
  • politely but firmly let your contacts know your phone habits. Is it alright if your clients call or send messages at 3am? E-mail is a different story. (i’m not a fan or using my phone for WhatsApp at night unless it’s a close amiga who usually only sends a message then to share a kind thought, prayer request or if it’s an emergency.)

It may not be easy, but it’s healthy to remember your phone is not an appendage. They come in handy but let’s not hand over all our information and give all our attention to gadgets that are dubbed “smart”…that wouldn’t be smart.

Does your phone require layers of access codes and techniques just to access it? (Face scan, thumbprint, two jumping jacks, one saliva sample, 2 twirls and a swoosh of the hand just to get online?) If you’re not in a high-security job, what in the world is on your phone? If you temporarily misplaced it (or the charger) are you likely to 1) become anxious 2) lose your temper 3) have a restless night

As a blogger who also manages a few social media pages and connects with clients via e-mail and WhatsApp, and posts pics on Insta, these little computers called ‘phones’ can be oh so convenient, but that can be an invitation to become dependent on them. (I’m on social media an average of 17 minutes a weekday, without compromising responsibilities.)

If we’re storing the same info that’s on our laptops and Desktops (if you’ve got all 3) no wonder we’re guarding phones like they’re living breathing things.

From family pics and calendar of events to e-mail contents and contact names, pics and numbers, we’re essentially travelling around with mini offices in our hand. So before we realize we’ve gone too far, let’s take a moment to assess where we are in the relationship with our phones.

And since when did we ever even have a ‘relationship‘ with a phone?

Quick question: Who is smarter – man or phone?

Please do not Google that – but let’s all study it for a sec

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A beautiful moment without evidence

Be the Boss of your Phone – not the other way around {encouragement} by: indra first published on ‘Joy within’ Blog

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