Finding Your Ideal Client, Making The Connection & Growing Your Business {VIDEO}

Your Business, your Ideal Client and your Wellness; there’s a connection, especially if you’re an entrepreneur who is directly interacting with your customers.

Here’s the post where I mention that and also promised to share the video featured here today.

In it, we’ll take a light walk through a .PDF I compiled, that comes with keys to identifying your ideal client and designing your business in alignment with your wellness. It’s called, ‘The Business Clarity Map.’


When we serve from a place of refreshment, and not exhaustion we can approach business, customer service, and each day in a brighter state of mind. Not every day is the same, and we all have our moments and challenges, but for the most part, when we enjoy what we do and whom and how we serve, we take a healthy lead in our business.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the tasks on your to-do list that need to be done – like today? Tip: Schedule business tasks to a tempo you can actually dance to.

Have you realized you’ve designed a career that now demands all your attention and yanks you around or a schedule that causes you to feel intimidated by the day?

Here’s a page in the story of my own life to encourage you. 

If you’re working from home, your business is literally being steered from your home and that influences your state of mind during the day. This is part of what compelled me to also start an online business as part of a community that embraces wellness through pure essential oils, in a way that enhances both my health and business and serves my clients.

Seminar Speaking Topic | One-on-one coaching session | Workbook

Take a breath, get a fresh panoramic perspective, review your notes from the video and either tweak or re-design a business that harmonizes with your wellness goals and vision of the people or organizations you are looking forward to working with.


Thanks for watching, share a comment or send a message to get the ‘Business Clarity Map’ so you can get started by filling out the question prompts and customizing your own map to grow your business in a way that you enjoy.


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Finding Your Ideal Client, Making The Connection & Growing Your Business by Indra was first published on ‘Joy within‘ blog

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