A Workshop On The Brain And Insight Into How It Works – meet The Mc Kenzie Project

Hi there, how are you today?

Quick question:

What weighs 2% of your body weight or an average of 3lbs?

Here’s hoping that you made the connection between the blog post title, the question and the answer. It’s possible, however, that while some thought the answer to be immediately obvious, maybe there was someone who paused for just a moment to think about it.

If that’s you, please don’t be embarrassed. (Sometimes I ask people to draw somethin’ for me so I can be a bit more clear.) We’re about to share a little on The Brain and Emotional Intelligence through two Corporate Speakers who are skilled and equipped on the topics.

I was recently invited to a workshop for 20 entrepreneurs and corporate team members at Elijah Centre – a seminar space located just outside of Bridgetown, Barbados.

The topic: “Brain & Behaviour In The Workplace”

It was such an insightful, educational and inspiring workshop and experience led by Joanne Nicholls and Tyrone Gerald-King visiting from the U.S; one I highly recommend for CEOs of companies, corporate team leaders, entrepreneurs, educators and wellness coaches looking to understand the infrastructure of the brain and how the way we think and the part of the brain we favour, influences our lives, behaviour in business and beyond.



Like a map of an island or country shows each parish or state, the brain is segmented into lobes that are connected, yet located in its own venue and serving a purpose. There’s still a sense of teamwork going on among the lobes, but I’ll curtsey my way out of going into any more detail as this isn’t my area of expertise.

The Brain & Behaviour In The Workplace” is a workshop and learning journey for leaders who want to better understand, align and empower their teams while upgrading their business from the inside out. Also for those who work in the areas of mental health and wellness coaching, you’re sure to gain insight to help your patient or clients on another level.

You’ll also have an opportunity to identify how you process information while discovering your emotional triggers and gifting.

With Speaker, Joanne (on left)

Supported with a visual digital presentation, Joanne Nicholls, a Clinical Therapist and researcher shared her insight and expertise on the different parts and functions of the brain and illustrated how our use of it (and each area) affects our thinking ‘style’, personality, default means of communication, approach to productivity and behaviour.

Though it was a seminar, it was an interactive session and invitees were asked some interesting questions at points in between the presentations. Prompts like:

  • How do you plan a project?
  • What’s your response to this or that?
  • Based on what was just shared, what part of the brain did that thought spring from?

Emotional Intelligence

Tyrone Gerald-King, a Corporate/Leadership Trainer spoke on Emotional Intelligence. He highlighted the value of it and challenged us to consider it in relation to I.Q. In an increasingly apathetic world, emotional intelligence is fast becoming a key trait and character asset for leaders who understand that their employees and team members are essentially the first ‘customers’ a company comes into contact with.

Care, compassion and effective communication were earmarked as positive leadership and teamwork traits.

Did I mention that refreshments were also involved, and a cosy lobby with inviting chairs?


A special thanks to the management and staff of Elijah Centre for providing a tech-savvy yet welcoming and refreshing seminar space, and of course to the facilitators for the invitation to be a part of a memorable learning experience.

To book “The Brain & Behaviour In The Workplace” workshop by Joanne Nicholls and Tyrone Gerald-King, e-mail: themckenzie.project@gmail.com


Have a wonderful, brain-activated rest of the day!

Stay tuned on our quarterly podcast segment, “Mindset Refresh” with Clinician and Researcher, Joanne Nicholls of The Mc Kenzie Project.

Have a question you’d like addressed in episode 1 of this upcoming series? Let us know in the comments.

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