Encouragement For Those Days When…

Showing genuine appreciation is so important in how others…how we experience and receive care, compassion and encouragement.

Very often WE like to receive, yet so many of us seldom take a step forward…to be vulnerable yet brave…to reach out and say, “I appreciate you” or even two little words that mean so much – “thank you.”

Better yet, to reach out and hold a hand…hug a close one…exchange a smile…while we can.

I remember a long season (early up) of barely having a pulse for love or expressions of affection.

Kind words even from close school friends would cause me to feel awkward and I had no idea how to respond – or how they expected me to respond. Was it a trap intended to usher emotions out of me, only to pelt them in my face or use this ‘weakness’ against me?

I took pride in being seeming tough and tear-less rather than expressively courageous and fearless.

I was emotionally under-developed and it took being around close, loving and communicating families, compassionate adopted aunts through several seasons (and ultimately coming to know God) to embrace love and accept the embraces of LOVE.


At a time when so many are either faced with depression, wrestling with stress, seeking social status, claiming ‘credit,’ wildly fanning others back while fighting for the spotlight, unpopular things like slowing down to notice a need, taking a moment to plant a seed of genuine kindness or share an encouraging word through a text or call, celebrating someone who’s helped you along your journey, are rare things that resonate way beyond the moment it takes to do or say them.

When’s the last time someone said “thank you,” “I love you,” “I appreciate you.” When’s the last time they made those words walk across your heart and take flight as actions and kind deeds?

When’s the last time WE did that…showed care, compassion and kindness, not only to the sweet and sunny but also to the cold or haughty. It’s so challenging to share soft words in an environment that’s likely to be rough…but are we being kind to be thanked…or kind to be kind? Ohhhh the challenge of it all.

It’s soooo easy to show kindness to the caring and compassionate and a lot tougher to consistently think, feel or show the same expression of it to the cold and careless….this is the test…this is the invitation…the assignment…while there’s time here on earth.

It’s a reminder that very often considering the things WE ourselves have thought, done or said how amazing it is that we’re even gifted with another breath…another day…to show love, care, and compassion.

Like planes leave chemical trails, what trail are we leaving…?
What flavour – sweet…or bitter?

So if you’re longing for a kind word or a reminder that you DO matter, even if you’re in a less-than-sweet season, lemme just say here today

you DO matter…
you Do…yes you do…
you matter…

If you’re feelin’ down right now, look up…see that beautiful sky? That’s a Heavenly painting created just for us.

Hear those birdsongs? Try making that #1 on your gratitude playlist today.

Take a full breath and breathe out any stress, and as you breathe in…remember to let love in…those are 3 things to be thankful for…can you join me and shine a light by finding at least 3 more things to give thanks for in the comments…

Your words may very well encourage someone else reading this (AND me) to share encouragement for those days when…

Thanks for reading


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