Journey Of A Writer – Interview with Linda M. Deane {PODCAST}

Meet Linda M. Deane, a storyteller, writer, publisher, mum and co-founding director of an innovative organization, ArtsEtc. In today’s episode, Linda walks us through her interesting journey with words and invites us into the mind and life of a diligent wordsmith and literary event coordinator.

Referencing her early days in England and her present walk in Barbados, our gracious guest shares on her writing process while offering inspiration for aspiring authors, and giving insight into the creative writing history and storytelling landscape of this tropical island in The Caribbean.

Linda M. Deane is also a writing coach, for those of you who are considering sharing your own story through written words.


Listen to an interview with today’s guest HERE {listening time: 24:02}

Linda spent 25+ years in newspaper journalism in England, Barbados, and (for a short while), The States. She interacted with artists, writers and musicians, learning and writing about them and their craft before deciding to put her creativity and writing on the ‘front burner.’ In this post, you’ll find key points and excerpts springing from questions like:

  • Did you always want to be a writer?
  • What makes writing such an enjoyable adventure for you?
  • So how did coaching come along?

Linda shares:

Writing, for me, is a means to an escape but also to explore and understand. If I’m feeling not quite myself, I realise it’s ’cause I’ve not written for a while – maybe a week or two weeks, or a month…and I go back to write, I feel more like myself again.

It’s very important for me – it’s therapeutic but then it’s also a political act – our environment…and not just (you know)  green environment but how people are – how Barbados is and how we are in our minds and hearts and our actions.  

In my mind, it’s always summer!

I kind of stumbled into it (being a writing coach.) I think it was around 2003 – maybe 2004. I was approached by The National Cultural Foundation; they have a program called W.I.S.E, which is ‘Writers In Schools And Education.’

They selected about 10 writers and assigned them to different schools in Barbados to teach creative writing for 10 weeks. I said “yes“, but with huge trepidation, because I didn’t think I was up for it – teaching primary school children. I knew what writing meant to me – the joy that it gave me personally.

I read to my own children, but I wasn’t sure how to connect with a classroom. First school they sent me to was Arthur Smith Primary. I had sooo much fun. I realised that it was something that came naturally. I’ve gone into a number of schools and I realized that – sadly, as the recession occurred and there was less funding, the N.C.F had to cut down on its program.


Memory from a children’s fair held in rural St. George

They looked at her, looked at the jumping tent – looked at me, and said, “No – we’ll stay here!” So they stayed with me…and that just touched me, and at the end of the fair, the mother said to me, “You know, I would pay for this.”

And that was the beginning of The Summer Storyteller – so, me taking the skills that I’d learned from going into the schools, and deciding to build something of my own. I called it ‘The Summer Storyteller’ because I said, “hey!” – in my head, it’s always summer, and it’s always a season for a story as far as I’m concerned.

There are so many people out there, in Barbados, who have stories to tell.

I also do teacher-training, which also came about as a result of the W.I.S.E program. I will go into schools and interact with teachers and I’ve had the opportunity to train them.

Linda coaches writers of all ages and stages and coordinates literary events with ArtsEtc. The creative organization that is also led by brilliant Canadian-born writer, Robert Sandiford, updates content quarterly. They encourage submissions from (mainly) writers, but also photographers, visual artists, curators and corporate sponsors who are engaged with and supportive of The Arts.

Connect with Linda M. Deane on Facebook (The Summer StoryTeller) and Instagram @The_Summer_Storyteller. Join the ArtsEtc. journey.

Journey Of A Writer – Interview with Linda M. Deane first appeared on ‘Joy within‘ blog and podcast.

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