Keeping Up With Content For Your Blog

Hiya. Today, on the menu we’ve got a short video with encouragement and tips on how to create content consistently for your blog.

It’s one thing to start and launch a blog and a whole other thing to keep it consistent – keep content flowing and then beyond mapping, writing, and publishing that content, to take it a step further by promoting that content in a way that connects and resonates with your readers and aligns with your message and character.

A blog is a space that is invitational. A journal in a box under your bed – isn’t.

Let’s get to that video: it’s a quick 2:50 watch and you might wanna jot down some key points down as a reminder.

Keeping Up With Content For Your Blog

Whether your blog looks like a journal or an extension of your business, or it’s serving as a community, content is key.

Yes – write, edit and then press publish, but also remember to share posts as you go.

Writing is usually a solitary activity but the promotional part of blogging is where it gets invitational.

As awkward as it might feel at first (and even at times, as a seasoned blogger)…

  • remember your readers
  • consider the value or essence of whatever you’re sharing
  • overcome your fears
  • view promotion as a way of letting others know fresh new content is served.

The promotional part is actually the most challenging for me, especially as an “introvert,” but that’s no excuse to withhold information, or stifle something or someone that’s to be celebrated or lower the volume on a growing gift.

Six years into this online writing adventure and there are times when i pause for a moment before clicking publish. But you get over it and go through it but most of all, grow past the fear.

When i remember it’s not about me (though some of the content here relates to my life or journey) and the content is designed and intended to serve, encourage, and share insight and resources with you, it makes clicking publish an automatic action.

Tip: In the backend of WordPress (or whatever blogging venue you’re on) set it so that your blog syncs with your (specified) social media platforms; that way you don’t have to log into multiple accounts one by one to share the same content. And 2 more notes to remember and apply:

  • Batch your content
  • Design and use an editorial calendar to map your posts

You may want to tweak the intro or description on one platform (LinkedIn and Twitter are very different for example), but it’s up to you to decide what works best for your blog.

Did you find this helpful? Have a question about overcoming fears and sharing online? If so, here’s a video on that, along with a sisterly nudge forward.

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Enjoy the journey!

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