By The Work Of Her Hands – Fashion with Sheldene Brathwaite {Podcast}

Many people think that in order to be an entrepreneur you need to be an extrovert, but that’s not so. Today’s post and podcast episode highlight a new guest in the ‘Celebrate A Sister‘ series, Sheldene Brathwaite.

She was a shy person who had to step out in faith to start her businesses and continues to shine by the work of her hands. Our gracious guest is the fashion designer of ‘Charmaine’s Couture‘, and owner of’ La Mode Dimitri Boutique‘ and ‘I Give You Glory.’

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She always had a keen sense of fashion from a young age and started by attending classes in fashion designing and sewing. The vision for her brand is to create unusual, yet distinctly fashionable and elegant pieces for women.

Sheldene loves fashion passionately and shares a moving moment that inspired her along her creative journey to pursue her calling whole-heartedly.

Her son, Barrio was a huge inspiration and would often encourage her to accomplish her dreams. After she gave her life to Christ, she joined the dance ministry at church; that’s where she started to make garments and what inspired the name, ‘I give You glory.’ She wants to give God the glory in everything that she does and puts her hands to.

La Mode Dimitri was birthed in 2013; it was named after her son. After he went home with the Lord, she decided to step out in faith and start the boutique.

Listen up for gems of encouragement for aspiring entrepreneurs and ladies who could do with a word of refreshment. Sheldene knows what it is to find a purpose beyond pain and shares a bright message of hope for anyone here who may be experiencing doubt about your potential.

In all of it, I have learned patience…but having that faith to step out and doing what God wants me to do gives me joy within.”

You can step out by faith and do all that God has created you to do, and the giftings are in your hands…to bless others. The world is truly waiting on you! There is something unique that God has placed on the inside of you that He did not give me. The Word of God speaks about having faith as small as a mustard seed. You don’t need to have big faith. All you have to do is to have that small faithgo for it today.

Arise and shine, sisters. Bless you!”

Visit her on Instagram today –  @lamodedimitriboutique

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Featured photos shared with the kind compliments of today’s guest.


A special thanks to a recent podcast guest, Kim Haynes who made this introduction. This is the second guest she has recommended in the true essence of what it is to Celebrate A Sister. Missed Kim’s feature? Click HERE to read, listen and enjoy.

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