Freelancer Top Task Management Tips For Client Referrals & Repeat Business {Video}

How’s your day so far and how is business? Let’s talk freelancing and timing. As a work-from-homeor-anywhere entrepreneur, it’s important to ‘follow-through‘ on what you say you’ll do, in a timely fashion.

Please don’t get nervous. Today’s 5-minute video isn’t about perfection; it’s about top task management tips that can generate client referrals and repeat business with people and companies who appreciate what you do, how you serve and what you charge.

Your clients and customers are investing their time, funds and ‘faith’ in you and your business to deliver on services and products – to time and at a certain standard.

Above and beyond, do your best to:

stand by that time
fulfil the tasks at hand
keep up effective communication so your clients always know where they are on the project timeline (if they have a ‘do-not-disturb’ sign on their digital door, still keep track of all significant steps and updates for your business records. People’s memories can get fuzzy sometimes so having a reference of client communication and tasks on the ‘to-do’ list come in handy)

It’s one thing to have that first point of contact with a client, but it doesn’t always end there. Even former clients can influence and generate business right now, whether through a testimonial, referral or repeat request.

Our clients and customers have a choice. They decide to come to your business, subscribe to your blog or page, and buy your products. When we appreciate that and follow-through on what we say we can or will do, it makes the world of a difference in the client experience.

Put yourself in the client or customer’s position. How would you like someone to handle your money, your project, and your confidence in the fact that they can do this or that?

Task management tips:

  • Consider the main goal and timeframe
  • List the key milestones to accomplish that objective
  • Break those milestones into bite-size stepping stones 
  • Outline a checklist of tasks and the related timelines
  • Make use of paper/digital planning tools and project management apps

Have a team or already outsourcing assistance? If so, include them into that 5 point map.

Keep up the communication with your clients at intervals (let them know if there are any time edits, completed steps, calls-to-action. Track communication in one central space.)

I hope this helps you along your freelancing journey. These steps have worked for me throughout the years, and much of my business has been through client referrals. P.S: Make sure your bio on both career and social online platforms has info that shares about how you serve.

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