Personal Development Training For Entrepreneurs

Hi sweet peeps, how’s your week so far? I hope bright, but if it happens to be a tough time, compassion to you. Leading a business while growing through a challenging season is taxing on the brain; it tugs on the heart and filters into the mind. If that’s where you are right now, you’re not alone even if it seems that way, and this is temporary.

I’ve gone through my share of head-and-heartaches along the way, and realize it’s essential to do my very best to live from a perspective of gratitude whether the day smells like frangipanis or like that ‘juice-trail’ garbage trucks sometimes leave when they squoosh the day’s collections.

Just as we ‘tune-up’ cars and de-frag hard-drives, it’s healthy to do a self-awareness evaluation at intervals so we can serve and lead better in our businesses, and address any issues that need tending to or attitudes that require an upgrade.

I recently enrolled in a Personal Development workshop hosted by Fund Access, and am compelled to share the essence of that experience to encourage you along your entrepreneurial journey.

The workshop series was – phenomenal!

The trainer, Alian Ollivierre, a brilliant Business Coach and Consultant walked us through the fundamentals of business as an entrepreneur and asked key questions about our:

  • values
  • business vision
  • challenges
  • aspirations

Now here’s where it takes an unexpected turn for the better. In my first session, a few of us were fighting back (and sometimes not) tears that sprung up when we were prompted to share experiences that influence our character, business choice and service approach.

Imagine a branding session in a corporate setting where entrepreneurs have timely personal breakthroughs that propel them forward in their businesses to serve clients and customers better. Well, this is a mere hint of the training experience with the leader of Gateway International Inc. who steadily ushered us through personal and business steps, making the key connection between the two.

Refreshments after each session were a nice touch – thanks Fund Access and catering crew

By the way, the 5star trainer, Alian Ollivierre is the second from the left in the feature pic.

I highly recommend the Personal Development workshop she led, for proactive entrepreneurs, corporate team leaders and NGO directors. The experience was a reminder to us entrepreneurs about how important it is to:

  • tend to our personal wellness
  • create healthy boundaries that protect the essence of our character
  • know the why of our business (and refresh where necessary)
  • consistently consider our attitude, appearance and awareness
  • understand our ideal client
  • be diligent with work duties and communication
  • lead and serve with excellence

Which of those 7 notes above most resonates with you as ones to turn up the volume on in your life? Feel free to share in the comments.


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