Q & A – From Employee to Entrepreneur, Group Organization & Tapping Into Passive Income {Video}

Hi there, in today’s post and video we’re tending to 3 questions that came in about:

  1. Moving from being an employee to an entrepreneur
  2. Coordinating a group to successfully complete an assignment
  3. Growing from starving artist to thriving creative entrepreneur

Viewing tip: replies to questions are at these points in the video so you can scroll to the answer that’s most relevant to you or someone you care about encouraging.

Question 1.) 0.22                    Question 2.) 5:50                        Question 3.) 8:15

Let’s tend to those questions, shall we?

Question 1:What are some of the things I can do to stay focused on projects while working from home, since I am not one to sit still too long, and the environment at home can be distracting since there are many comfort areas easily accessible in a home setting. Please bear in mind that work from home differs from past roles when I was constantly on the road.”

Transitioning from busy on the road to working-from-home can be quite disorienting at first. You’ll need:

  • to continually remember why you’re called to start your own business
  • a productivity strategy
  • healthy boundaries (for yourself and clients)
  • a designated workspace or areas you can focus in
  • discipline

Please don’t tell yourself the lie that you “can’t” focus when it comes to taking steps forward in business. You’re already diligent and productive as an employee; the key is to apply that diligence, productivity and focus as an entrepreneur. You’re the same person physically – it’s a matter of mindset.

If you are already waking up and getting to work by a certain time, following through on tasks expected of or delegated to you five days a week, you can apply a work attitude when no one else is looking over your shoulder or placing files on your desk.

Does your work as an entrepreneur matter any less than your assignments as an employee? If this is a challenge, accountability and community can be support-systems for you in business.

In this case, Lisa (who sent this question) works during the day and her job involves a lot of driving, so the mere thought of coming home already tired, to work on her book is exhausting. Early in the morning, during lunch breaks, or an hour on a quiet night.

Writing is generally a quiet-time or minimal-noise activity, so that gives clues as to the points in the day and areas in the house that are most conducive to being productive.

Since you and I are not machines, creating purposeful pockets of refreshment is essential so we’re not constantly hopping from one work task to another. You are more than your business and a list of to-dos. Even hummingbirds have frequent breaks throughout the day. 

Design a schedule to accomplish a goal that is neither overwhelming nor a recipe for laziness. Map those goals, outline the strides to get there; break those strides into smaller steps. Align those steps with timelines and set it all to a tempo you can actually dance to – one that builds muscles, compels growth and allows for breathers along the way.

Decorate your workspace. Look forward to reaching the goal. Speak life into it. (Here’s hoping it’s one you’ve been called to.) You’re likely to feel fear but don’t feed it. Don’t fatten fear – feed faith! 

Group Organization
Question 2: “A work assignment I took on is causing a whole lotta stress, working with different personalities and some who do little or no work at all. I’m stressed an’ cyah wait fuh dis to be over. How can I help the team to be and stay organized so we can get this done?”

It’s not our assignment to control others, but we can often usher out the best in them by identifying their strengths and applying a structure to assist with goal setting, effective communication and teamwork.

Project management tools like Trello (or if you use Asana, that’s cool too) can be handy with updating checklists, monitoring/logging activity by group members, and sharing files easily without any ‘missed e-mails/calls,’ or sometimes inconvenient phone notifications. Organizational apps help to store documents and communication in one central space that’s accessible to everyone involved, and you can also print and file the essentials as a back-up.

  • Log upcoming events, goals and reminder in Google calendar 
  • Add team members 
  • Activate notifications (one before the actual day and one earlier on the same day)

That way, in cases like this one where intricacies in personalities are kickin’ in, the work project can still be completed and not compromised, until there is a team upgrade or in-person meeting to address any problems that may be affecting group communication and effectiveness.

Tip: If moment misery ever enters the building, sound the alarm and pause for a cause and get some perspective. Remember the “why” of the assignment and consider who it’s serving. Even if this is your last dance with this particular team, give it your best shot, breathe through it and track your input in case you’ve got to give a group report.
Passive Income
Question 3 is from a starving artist who is ready to grow into a thriving creative entrepreneur and wants tips on how to make that step

As a singer-songwriter and indie author of 3 print books who had a tough time embracing a career outside of artistry, I can identify with this desire. That said, I’m so thankful to share that by developing documentation muscles, my publishing business has reached #1 on multiple international charts (MTV, Billboard +) and original songs are licensed for commercials, documentaries and films.

That and more can also happen for you.

Staying passionate about your granted gifts and creativity is a wonderful thing! As an artist, considering anything other than your music or paintings or books can feel almost like a betrayal – but – it isn’t! It’s called ‘being responsible’ – wait – before you yawn, you may be pleasantly surprised to find there are other gifts waiting to be discovered when you strengthen new muscles.

E.g: I’m writing less songs in this season but a lot more blog posts – and still thankful. Some of the songs already written are facilitating the time dedicated to this very blog.)

When you consider the amount of time and continuous diligence you’re already applying towards nurturing your gift, be empowered and realise you are in business. Yes, you may be an artist but you’re also an entrepreneur.

Tending to (or hiring someone to take care of) the administrative side of your creative business makes room for your artistry to grow and tap into the river of passive income streams available to you.

In this case, the question relates to a singer-songwriter who can:

  • register music with a performers’ rights organization and benefit from royalties once songs are in high rotation
  • license music for placement in stories (as my publishing business does)
  • compose songs for more noted artists/groups or jingles for corporations
  • sell part of your catalogue for a bulk payment as a springboard to record an E.P

Passive income streams like this can apply to photographers (selling stock photos), writers (earning residuals), visual artists (printable or more pricey originals) and more.

In each of these 3 questions (as with most things) mindset is key!

Have inspiring input to add or an entrepreneurial question to ask? Feel free to share. None of us knows everything so if you can relate to any of the topics tended to and have already made it through to the brighter side, this form’s for you.

The information on ‘Joy within‘ blog is based on personal experience and extensive research. It is not intended to replace or overrise teachings by formal educational institutions but designed to share resources and doable steps to encourage, equip, empower and serve aspiring and existing work-from-home-or-anywhere entrepreneurs.

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