All About That Content – Beyond The Business of it

One of the many things I enjoy about blogging is a certain word that always comes up: content.

From content management to content marketing to content generation, creation, writing, coordinating and consistency, content is key…

I googled “content” and it was defined as “a peaceful state of happiness,” or “state of satisfaction”,” with the opposite being described as “bitterness.”

About That Content

As someone who has a tendency to overwork, roll my eyes at the idea of rest, step in to “fix” situations, get frustrated with expressions of laziness, and continually reach to complete this or that…that word – content…is a helpful and necessary reminder that ultimately leads me to gratitude.

There are so many things designed to draw our attention from what truly matters, from digital devices and personal habits to world events and that unexpected crisis.

In so many ways, we all tend to flounder at some point or another, whether that looks like too much screen time, couch-potato mode overload, procrastinating about growing beyond an unhealthy pattern or resilience towards addressing an issue that needs to be brought into the Light.

About Content: it doesn’t mean that things are perfect; after all, this world is a crazy place. And to anyone striving to impress others with busy schedules and fancy titles, content doesn’t mean complacency.

View of Accra beach, Barbados

Time isn’t promised and not everyone who plans for tomorrow makes it through the gift of today.

Yes, there are nuff times when there are more than a few things on the tending list to take care of…still I’m thankful to be in a creative career field that reminds me to connect the dots between the business of content and the calling to be content…to give thanks for what I have and where I am regardless of what I’d like, am praying for or working towards.

Take a deep breath with me, will ya?…and let’s think of 3 things to give thanks for, and 3 ways to brighten someone else’s day. Today is a gift…let’s unwrap and appreciate it like we’re thankful for the privilege and package.

On that note, thanks for taking the time to read and have a bright and SAFE rest of the day.

Compassion to the families of those who’ve lost ones through all the recent violence worldwide, those enduring illnesses whether physical or emotional…those experiencing loneliness, overcoming trauma or feeling lost amidst a sea of choices…whatever the challenge in this season, compassion to you.

~ Indra Denys (work in progress)

Little note about content and time: Those of us who live with Heavenly promises in mind know this physical earth isn’t a permanent home for anyone…in fact, I think everyone pretty much got that memo.
I’m no poster girl when it comes to perfection, but when it comes to content it’s literally my business, lifetime assignment and personal quest. This post is written to share encouragement, not to serve as or replace any medical advice.
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