Cosy Cafes To Cool Down in, in Barbados

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Working from home is a discipline.

Going to an office on a daily basis also requires discipline, but we’re a lot less likely to put up our feet in pockets of free time or synchronize file uploads with laundry loads in public places. In between home duties and work tasks, at some point, all (or most) of us leave the house or apartment whether to tend to a personal errand, show up at a family function or go to a business meeting.

One of the obvious benefits of having appointments outside of the house is – fresh air, but you can also enjoy that freely without it being aligned with a work activity. Another is the opportunity to interact with others, even if you’re not an outgoing person…once you’re going out, interacting with people is pretty much inevitable.

This week is a combo of an at-home and on-the-go flow, and I thought to share on two reasonably-quiet cosy cafes at the hem of Bridgetown, both of which offer a light setting for a bright meeting. They’re practically neighbours, but each has its own vibe, loyal clientele, and roster of refreshments.

In case you haven’t yet visited ‘Bim,’ or didn’t get the memo, it’s generally hot here – “always summer,” like how British-Barbadian writer, Linda Deane puts it. It’s either sunny or rainy and as ‘hurricane season’ is coming up, days like these can be humid…so in between town errands, little siestas in lightly air-conditioned cafes can help you (and your hair) face the mid-afternoon heat unfrazzled.

Fun Fact: notes that this little island has a daily average temperature of 30°C / 86°F and gets 3,000 hours of sunshine per annum.
Cafe Cool down in Bridgetown

Enter Cafe 1

For a healthy and tasty tea, delicious salad, sushi session and customer service experience to brighten your day, visit this TeaHouse and Bistro on the south coast of Barbados. In this post, you’ll see a video of matcha-tea-making and pics of some of the treats available to customers who quickly become regulars at NovelTeas

See pics and read more about this venue here

Caribbean (4)

Enter Cafe 2 (update as of October 2019, this venue is now closed and re-locating. Stay tuned for when and where they re-open)

Jenn’s is a blend of a health store and vegan cafe. In its heyday, this was a spot where congalines of patrons showed up for lunch, health items (from sea moss to linseed), books-buys and delicious shakes, like the peanut punch in the pic coming up.

Their meals are versatile and it’s a quick-service without the frills kinda vibe, and with about three small tables for slow-munchers or shake-sippers. I sat and enjoyed their signature peanut punch this week, while the passing rain made a quick cameo in town. I’m more of a homecook in this season so am not in a position to speak about their food at the moment….but that filling shake is worth the Bds.$8. treat

  • No Wifi
  • Hot Meals & Chilled Shakes
writer Have you heard of the policy on single-use plastics being banned from importation into Barbados as of April 1st, 2019? Well, it’s an initiative to save on national expenditure on plastic, encourage environmental awareness and nurture the vision to see an island free from plastic by 2020. This compostable cup is apparently “made from corn.” How cool is that?

Enter Cafe 3

The Italia Coffee House (initially named Italia D’Oro) is easily one of the most popular (and longtime) coffee and pastry spots in Barbados, with 6 quaint locations.

I’ll just come right out and say it. For more than ten years, I’ve bought the same drink and have no regrets. It’s a mocha for me – hot, not cold – with nutmeg and vanilla, please and thanks. (Gotta check the bill but I think that’s about Bds.$8.95 – brb on that one.) The combo of coffee and chocolate served at just the right temperature with a smile and not a scowl is something that can inspire words to decorate paper.

Each Italia Coffee House branch has a steady flow of customers on a daily basis, but the seating areas are seldom crowded, making it pleasant for solo sit-down or mini meeting.

  • Wifi (note: the town branch connection is off at the moment but it’s usually up and running smoothly.)
  • Hot/Cold Coffee/Chocolate/Smoothies and Sweet or Savoury pastries
Eco-wise, The Italia Coffee House now has environmentally-friendly straws available for cold drinks, but from the three that my coaching colleague used for one drink, the option of a $3.50 metal straw (that comes with a case and cleaner) is probably worth the small investment.


This is not a sponsored post. I’m sharing as a fan of quaint spots, hot drinks and healthy shakes, who enjoys quiet time to write and type plus bright conversations with good company in cosy cafes…in a cleaner, greener and brighter Barbados.

What’s your favourite kind of cafe setting?




Cosy Cafes To Cool Down in Bridgetown, Barbados” by Indra Denys was first published on ‘Joy within‘ blog.

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