The Recipe For A Successful Business And A Purposeful Life by Sasky Louison {Guest Post}

It’s guest post time again. Singer, Musical Playwright and Blogger, Sasky Louison from beautiful St. Lucia joins us today to share another sunny story to brighten your day and encouragement for your entrepreneurial journey.

“I was about 10 years old when I recognised that I had a true passion for writing.

Not only did I have the passion but people loved to read what I wrote. That made me happy and want to write more. My teacher usually called me to the front of the class to read my compositions but there was this one time when she called me to read my composition entitled “A Day at the Beach.” It was filled with action, suspense, drama, mystery and horror. Not only read it but I performed it. I remember that it went something like this.
A Day at the Beach by Sasky Louison. 
“Help! Help! Help!” The shark cried as it tried to get away from me. 
“Help! Help!” It cried as I kicked it in it’s eye, kicked it in it’s nose, kicked it in it’s groin and everywhere on it’s 
body. My family and I had gone to the beach not knowing it was infested with sharks but today was the 
day I refused to die!
Yup! I had a wild imagination. The class roared with laughter and when I was through, I got a gold star! My teacher was proud, my classmates were applauding and I felt so damn good. All was well in my world. I liked writing so much that I offered to write some of my classmates compositions. Sometimes, I just wrote because I felt like it.
By secondary school, compositions turned into essays, boys and girls turned into teenagers, which meant greater responsibility, and more spending money for some. The economy was thriving in their world which lent to the birth of my very first business. Essays for Cash: $3:00 per essay. I did not know then that it was a business. I was just doing what I loved and was getting paid for it. I even helped out those who were in dire need of my services and going through financial difficulties.
blank bloom blossom composition
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Sometimes, I had so many essays to write that break and lunchtime became my main office hours.  I had approaching deadlines, which was usually the next class period and paying clients who were freaking out.
They stood around my desk, rewriting in their notebooks, every word I wrote or dictated.  During those times, I did not think these essays had any organisation or structure but surprisingly, these were the essays that got the most marks! I learnt then to just let things flow. The first draft is sometimes the final draft.
My classmates/clients were so stunned when they got their grades that they would come to my desk/office and say “Wow Sasky! Look at your grades! Look what you got!” I would shrug off their praise. It was not my name on the heading. It was not my penmanship. The grades were not going into my report book so as far as I was concerned it was theirs. But one classmate who too was so excited about his good grades said the very familiar “Wow Sasky! Look at your grades!”
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“No, it’s your grades,” I replied. He looked at me with admiration and excitement and said adamantly. “No Sasky. It is YOUR grades!”
His response caused me to pause and really come to grips with my gift and love for writing. I said nothing to him but decided then and there, that I wanted to be a writer.
I continued to write for cash. My older sister even became one of my clients but she got the family discount. Instead of cash, she had to wash the dishes when it was my turn and comb my hair.
I did not see myself then as an entrepreneur. In my mind, a business came with a building, employees and a telephone number. I did not have any of that but I loved what I was doing. I had extra spending money, less dishes to wash, the latest hairstyles and a smile on my face. Personally, I think that is the recipe for a successful business and a purposeful life.”
Here is what I learnt from my very first business
1. Pursue Your Passion
    Each of us is blessed with a gift from God. Once you use it and stick with it, you WILL be successful. Read            Matthew 25:14-30.
2. You Will Make the World a Better Place
     People laugh and smile a lot when they read what I write. They feel inspired. That makes me smile and feel inspired. Can you imagine if everyone pursued their passions? The world would be a very happy place!
3. Hard Work, Dedication and Sacrifice
    There are times when you will be overwhelmed. You may have to skip a few parties, a few good times and that is okay. You will reap a great reward. Henry Wadsworth is known for this saying. “The heights that great         men reached were not obtained by sudden flight, but they, while their companies slept were toiling upward in       the night.” 
4. Bartering is STILL a thing
    Everything is not about cash. Some may not have finances but they can wash your car, fix a default object in your home, refer you to a potential client or sometimes, there is nothing they can give to you and that is okay. What goes around comes back around. Sometimes, your payment comes 20 years later. Sometimes your children reap the benefits.
5. Success is Happiness
    Your business may not bring in millions, but your peace of mind and happiness is priceless. It prolongs your life and makes it enjoyable while stress shortens it. There are many making millions and are not happy. This is the definition of stupidity.
by Sasky Louison
@saskysasky on Instagram

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