Growing In Gratitude Wherever We’re Planted {Video}

Hi there, in today’s video post I’m sharing two things:

  1. a bit on my quest to grow in gratitude daily
  2. an invitation to join the joy journey and hop on the thankfulness train starting right where you are

As I mentioned a few times here and on IG, this blog started in a tough season when seeds of ingratitude were sprouting in my mind. Compelled to discover more about Barbados – the island (through the eyes of a lifetime traveller and former tour guide) I wanted to grow more appreciative for where I was born, and am planted in this season.

You can live in a place that’s a noted travel destination that many save for a year just to visit for a week, and have no clue why people make a big fuss about swimming at the beach you barely notice while on your way to work each day.

But I wanna recognize pretty petals on hibiscus trees…and observe hummingbirds as they take turns landing on leaves…I wanna swim past turtles in the turquoise sea…visit parks, go to de spring and de observatory…watch as many soft sunrises and brilliant sunsets as I can, starting right where i am.

Yes, travelling can be (and often is) an adventure and it’s easy for us to romanticize about or plan on visiting here or there for this or that reason…still, let’s not miss the gifts placed all around us and lessons assigned to us wherever we are now.

Another writer, and blogger Janelle (who’s also a Life Coach) and I recently met over coffee and shared on how the choices we make in our minds affect the flow of our day and attitude toward others. By the way, she has a workshop series on Stress Management using Art that looks and sounds like it’s well worth checking out.

Growing Gratitude

In order to grow more gratitude in the garden of our minds, we’ve got to weed out negative thoughts and nurture a healthy internal environment starting with a good flush of living water.

Oh what an assignment…but I’m up for it. Where are you logging on from, and what’s one thing you look forward to each day?

Growing In Gratitude Wherever We’re Planted {Video} was first published on ‘Joy within’ blog


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Hi there, I'm Indra, writing you from Barbados. Here you’ll find career tips for creative freelancers and refreshment reminders for everyday life. Get ready to nurture your gifts and shape a thriving business that aligns with your wellness. I'm a writer, singer, publishing entrepreneur and eco-bookstore owner who's travelled to 20 destinations so far, and now works from home. Balancing housework with business tasks and on a quest to grow more grateful each day. As a teen I almost gave up on life; now as a woman saved by grace, I'm living joyfully with purpose, encouraging others to enjoy moments of refreshment daily while growing your business. Check out posts and videos for biz tips, breathing exercises and beautiful views of Barbados. Thanks for joining the journey, and remember to follow 'Joy within' blog for firsthand updates on new posts, podcast episodes, events and giveaways coming up.

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