Don’t Wait For Things To Be Perfect For You To Be Proactive – Part 2 {Video}

Hiya; hope your day started on a bright note and blossoms into a sweet song.

By special request, one of top posts (and podcast episodes) here on ‘Joy within‘ now has a Part 2 in video format – not because I’m an expert in this area at all, but because it relates to a part of my personal quest in life…growing in gratitude by grace each day.

Yes, that does sound a bit flowery in a skip-across-a-pasture in slow-mo-with-birds-chirping-in-the-background kinda way, but thankfulness is #1 on my heart’s playlist simply because at more than a few bus stops along my journey, seeds of ingratitude were sprinkled and watered whether consciously or not.

Today’s post also shares career steps for freelancers who are ready to upgrade their business and grow from ‘starving artist’ to thriving entrepreneur. Again, not an expert – this is the work-in-progress section of the blog crowd but I’ve learned to stop spinning and start winning and am here and happy to share some of my top tips and sisterly encouragement with you.

Now’s a good time to mention there’s a real-life moment that illustrates the blog post title just fine; you’ll see and hear.

Let’s get to that video, shall we? (There’s a bonus topic sharing admin steps specifically for the artistically-inclined included, so feel free to take notes in whatever format ‘floats your boat.’)

Have a top tip to equip or encourage another creative entrepreneur along? A question about the benefits and challenges of balancing artistic projects and admin tasks? Feel free to share here.

Please note: About timing – the essence of this message isn’t to shoulder-shove you forward because there is a value in the patience that comes with waiting during some seasons in life.

Not every idea is to be sprung upon like a cat on cotton – not every gift is designed to be a career nor every project meant to go public.

You have your own internal barometer. Learn to check your pulse. Is it still beating at a healthy rhythm, fluttering like a moth or getting a l’il lukewarm in terms of taking a step forward to that thing you are called to do? Identify the feeling to understand the root of the fear.

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all message and we all experience fear, but if you have a challenge with procrastination or are struggling with overcoming nerves whether off or online…sis, don’t be hard on yourself…pray about it…take a breath…and make a step. The ones shared in the video are small ones…but even one step forward is proof of growth and evidence of life.

Celebrating your strides already

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