The Benefits Of Journaling For Healthy Thinking {Video}

Hi there, do you journal? If yes, are you into gratitude journaling, prayer journaling, goal journaling, art or project journaling or a combo of all or some of those?

Journaling is a tool that can help you:

  • enjoy quiet time, as it harmonizes well with writing
  • engage in a calming tactile activity that serves as an avenue for emotional expression
  • tune into a rhythm of writing without any ‘pressure’ of sharing or completing ‘on time’
  • have a safe space to filter and process thoughts and ‘watch your mouth’
  • activate your brain, enhance focus, and take a step forward in relieving stress
  • remember your uniqueness with the visual cue of your handwriting

I’ve mentioned writing and journaling throughout this blog. For the most part, I’ve been journaling since childhood, yet I’ve stopped everyday word-journaling and started art and prayer journaling over the past six or seven years. Just about the same amount of time as this blog came into the picture.

Here’s a short video {4 mins.} I recorded for you. If you’ve been meaning to start journaling but haven’t found the time or aren’t quite sure where to start, click play and have a quick watch.

Journaling isn’t meant to be overwhelming; it’s more on the therapeutic side and even if you start writing at a tough time, it’s tough to keep on writing clearly with tense fingers so the very act of writing helps you concentrate and eventually become calm or at the very least, less volatile…less emotional…less shaky and more steady.

Sometimes we’re not aware of pollutants that can linger in our minds and stick to our thoughts. Writing thoughts down gives you a different perspective so you can review. Just because you wrote it doesn’t mean you have to keep that thought (or piece of paper or journal.) And not every thought or thing needs to be recorded or nurtured for that matter.

Tip: Be sure to include bright highlights in your journal.

Hot drinks during writing time is another bonus

Words are meals we dish out to others and ourselves. Flavour and serve well.

It’s your book so decorate it all you like. Get creative if that ‘floats your boat.’ Add colour, draw something around the border or at the side of the page that makes you smile or take a deep breath – write an encouraging word for the day/season as the header in sweet script lettering…feel free to document answered prayers, verses from Scripture, your homemade recipes, song lyrics, your poetry, goals, creative ideas…

a journal is an object that also serves as a quiet place

so enjoy your quiet time

Been a bit overwhelmed recently?

Busier than a bajan mosquito on a rainy night these days?

Experienced a recent challenge and having a tough time pressing on?

A Bright Update for you:

There’s a new segment on ‘Joy within‘ podcast, led by a clinician and researcher (yall are gonna love her calm essence and sound advice) joining us from the U.S. Joanne Nicholls will be leading “Mindset Refresh,” sharing her insight into The Brain and equipping us with techniques to:

– choose and nurture healthy thoughts

– identify triggers and make better decisions

– overcome stress and emotional pain by declaring Truth

– incorporate techniques (like journaling) to grow forward

We’ve already recorded the first episode, which is on the way so be sure to stay tuned by clicking ‘follow‘ on the right side (upper hand) of this blog to find out firsthand when new posts and podcast episodes are published, events are coming up, and when special guests are featured.

Soooo, do you journal and if so – can you think of more benefits? Feel free to share here.

“Tune Into The Benefits Of Journaling For Healthy Thinking” by Indra was first published on ‘Joy within’ blog

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