Mindset Refresh with Joanne Nicholls | The Brain and Behaviour

Growing through and beyond pain is a journey that is well worth the effort. Our thought life and understanding of truth are so important to overcoming whatever situations we’ve faced or circumstances we may still be breathing through. Just like aloes and turmeric leave a residue when not addressed, so too can pain cling like a resilient stain on the walls of our precious minds and thread in the fabric of our gifted lives…if we do not tend to the business of overcoming it.

Today’s guest is a clinician and researcher joining us from the U.S. Joanne Nicholls shares her expertise on The Brain and Behaviour along with important steps to:

  • understand and manage the difference between acute and chronic pain
  • identify our predispositions and coping mechanisms
  • breathe beyond stress and remember our wellness
  • express and overcome the tendency to catastrophize with practical exercises
  • be proactive about declaring truth over our lives

Gems of insight transcribed for you, and if you’d like to access Joanne’s notes, there’s info on that at the end of the post:

…it may come to down to just being in the workplace – at your desk…rehearsing what your truth is…in the midst of threat. Stay committed to what your response will be.” – J.N

Acute Pain: Severe, sharp,  harsh
Chronic Pain: Long-lasting, numbing, dulling

“Just because you may have come out of acute pain, doesn’t mean that you have to live from a place of chronic pain. A lot of the times we go through something that stops us in our tracks and knocks the wind out of us, and we’re assuming that means that life is always gonna be this way…it’s not. Managing anxiety means going to that future place, assuring yourself that it will be well and being able to take that assurance into the present. The strategy for fear is being able to establish what your response will be and writing that down.

Pray about everything…and not rushing yourself – this is a key thing, especially for women. We take on a lot. We cook, we clean – we go to work…we have multiple children, multiple responsibilities…and we rush prayer…we need to process every little feeling…every emotion…”


Action plan

Recognize your triggers – you document them – you make statements of declaration and you then rehearse those things during your prayer and meditation throughout the day.”

Read “Work & Rest As A Rhythm Of Life guest post by Joanne Nicholls on ‘Joy within’ HERE and book your online consultation with her HERE

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