A Day Pacing Household Duties With Freelance Work – in Barbados {Video}

Each of our lives has different components but since the question about keeping up with housework and a creative career comes in a lot when others share their aspiration and fears about starting their own business and scheduling, I thought to share what a day looks like.

Not every day is the same. In this short video I went to an event so thought to make a video for y’all. I try to tune into quiet pockets during the day in between work though there are days that call for a marathon writing or editing session, sitting at the desk tapping away on the laptop while sipping hot drinks.

Here’s a day of Freelancing From Home. You’ll see some:

  • Cleaning
  • Cooking
  • Editing
  • Workshop attending
  • Driving from the Kensington to Harbour Road area in Barbados
Watch video

There’s no one-size-fits-all model when it comes to an ideal work-from-home rhythm. Your energy-boost pockets (of time) may be different from mine, so when designing a freelance business to serve your clients well and align with your wellness, pace yourself well.


Your daily priorities, tending list, energy level, healthy self-care tempo, character (patience level, triggers), life vision

Are you a freelancer? What rhythm works best for you?

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Hi, I'm Indra, blogging from Barbados. Here you’ll find content tips for your creative career, refreshment reminders for everyday life, and nature views from around the island. I'm a writer, singer, blogger and publishing consultant who now works mostly from home after pressing pause on a life of travel. On a quest to grow more grateful each day. As a teen I almost gave up on life; now as a woman saved by grace, I'm living joyfully with purpose and encouraging the overwhelmed through words and music. Thanks for joining the journey, and remember to follow 'Joy within' blog for firsthand updates on new posts.

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